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What Is That Thing Called?

Sat Nov 06, 1999 10:27 am

This past summer I went for an airport tour by bus at ZRH and it took us all over the
airport facilities. Amazing! Anyhow as the whole tour was narrated in German I did not
understand much. My question is during the tour of the maintenance hanger I saw a green
piece of equipment that was set up behind the 3 engines of SR's MD11 in maintenance.
This thing is like a metal tube like structure which I imagine is used to deflect thrust
coming out of the engines when they are being tested. Does anyone know what this
muffler like tube is called and why it's used?

Thank You very much
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RE: What Is That Thing Called?

Sun Nov 07, 1999 2:17 am

I don't know what it's called, but I seem to remember seeing it, back in '94 and it's used for engine run up tests and these "mufflers" help to reduce noise and therefore the effect of the noise on neighbouring areas.