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How Is Iberia?

Tue Dec 17, 2002 8:05 am

Hi Guys,

I have heard some bad things about Iberia`s service. I have never flown with them and I might be going to Spain soon. I would like to know what experiences have you had with them?

Thanks for the help,

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Tue Dec 17, 2002 9:38 am

My wife just got back from an ORD-SVQ(Seville) Spain trip on Iberia. Her comments were that the A340 from ORD-MAD was not terribly comfortable - she couldn't really get a comfortable position to try to sleep. She said the service and food were comparable to her overseas flights on Delta. She said the the MAD-SVQ leg was very nice, although at one hour, she didn't have time to enjoy it more. All in all, she'd fly them again.

On a side note, you can get some REALLY good fares from the Iberia web site. ORD-SVQ was under $500, and that was about $300 less than any other option she had.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Tue Dec 17, 2002 9:57 am

I flew shorthaul with them this year MAN-BCN on an A321 and BCN-MAN on an A320. The planes had great legroom and both were less than 9 months old. I would not hesitate to use them again.

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Tue Dec 17, 2002 10:54 am

Like I have said before if you don't have anything good to say about an airline,don't say anything, so I won't say anything!
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 3:01 am

Thanks Guys,

I was planning on going in February from Mexico City.
Do you know if it s cheaper with Iberia than AeroMexico? Which would you recommend?


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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 7:36 am

Check their website at They had some very competitive fares from the USA.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 8:01 am

You may be able to grap an AA code-share, thus getting the low IB fares but the MRTC on AA!
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 8:39 am

Well, I have never flown in Iberia, but only I can say that all my family from Mexico and Spain never fly with Iberia, they always fly in AM (in this case just to and from MEX), because of their bad experiences with IB, first of all the flights NORMALLY depart 2 to 4 hours late and I am not exaggerating, and secondly the flight attendants are very rude and after serving the meals they disappear for the rest of the flight.
I would fly in AM, but if IB is cheaper than AM you can fly them, at least they will take you to your destination.

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 9:22 am

I have only flown on IB's inter-European flights. They are an absolutely normal European airline like BA, KL, LH, SK, AF or whatever.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 12:05 pm

Aeromexico757 - my wife must have been on some "abnormal" flights, as all her's were right on time ORD-MAD, MAD-SVQ, SVQ-MAD, and MAD-ORD.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 1:00 pm

I have no idea what is happening to IB with their punctuality, but you can ask anyone in Mexico and they will answer you that most of their flights arrive/depart late, sometimes I go to the airport to catch IB??s plane, that it??s supposed to arrive at 5:45pm (daylight) so I can take a picture, but as usual that plane arrives like at 9:00pm, and as I said before that is the "normal" time for IB flight 6403 to arrive.
I??m not saying that IB is the worst company, but they have to work hard in some aspects like punctuality and in-flight service.
Maybe some people that have flown both IB and AM, can give us a comparison for chossing a company to fly to Europe, at least from what I have heard from lots of people is that AM is much more punctual than IB and the service is by far better than IB, maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 2:05 pm


Aeromexico757 is right...

I don't know what's happening with them... They're in a very serious trouble with their on time performance at least in the Mexico City - Madrid - Mexico City leg.

My uncles, and some relatives of a very good friend were supposed to arrive at 17:30 this last Saturday... My uncles called us by telephone to tell us that they were not arriving at the scheduled time... Iberia didn't tell them anything else...

We called to the airport information system and they told us the plane was landing the next day at 5:30 in the morning. We got to the airport at 5:00 AM...
Guess what?? The plane was delayed at 8:30 AM....
Finally the plane landed...

The parking is one of the most expensive parkings in the country so we had to pay like $ 120.00 ($ 12.00 USD).

Don't know what's happening with them... This is very usual... Very, very usual... Specially in holiday season... Last summer one of my friends arrived at 3:00 AM the next day...

I really like Iberia (hence my nickname) but it's very sad to see in the screens most of the times I go to the airport:


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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 6:58 pm

My experience: airplanes, service, food is ok, not outstanding, not bad.

I found the ground handling in Spain, especially Barcelona, not good at all. Long queues, unfriendly to passengers in haste, taking all the time for Ladies with a "hundred" pieces of luggage and special wishes (while all others have to wait).

Punctuality: This is the Spanish airline, don´t expect this to be a Lufthansa competitor here!

RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 7:33 pm

Haven't read the above comments due to being in a rush.

Flew IB to Buenos Aires earlier in the year. They're ok I suppose. Having flown BA quite a bit to the same destination, I'd say the latter are generally quite a bit better, but I didn't find the service to be anywhere near as bad as some people have experienced, at least not on my flights.

They're generally the cheapest to most Latin cities from Europe, I can tell you that much!
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 7:54 pm

I flew IB last year from JNB-MAD, BCN-ORY, LHR-MAD and MAD-JNB.

The MAD-JNB and JNB-MAD flights weren't very good at all. Very abrasive service and the food wasn't that good either. The A340 wasn't very comfortable, which made the flight worse.

BCN-ORY and LHR-MAD were quite good, however. The punctuality wasn't the best, but the f/a's were relatively friendly and the food was good. The B757, which I flew on both legs, was comfortable enough and the legroom was OK as well.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Wed Dec 18, 2002 11:32 pm

I flew them a few times. They are really good on short and medium haul; serving complete (cold) meals and drinks on 2 hours sectors (AMS-MAD), even at MAD-LIS two years ago, and sandwiches on domestic flights (MAD-BCN) while many other airlines wouldn't.
But intercontinental (MAD-EZE-MAD) the service was minimal. I was in a window seat of a 743 and didn't want to bother my two neighbors. But in between the two small meals at the beginning and end of the flight, 9 hours apart, the F/A's just disappear. Not a single drink round, no reaction on call buttons, so I was really thirsty which made me have to wake up my neighbors to pick up a can of anything in the pantry. So it's OK as long as you have an aisle seat or an empty flight.
All my flights (8) with them were on time though.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 12:51 am

Have flown them on European flights

Dublin - Barcelona (A320) - Very good flight, was flying in Business class though, excellent service, very good european business product.

Barcelona - Tenerife Sur (A320) - Longish european flight, good service in economy, nothing extraordinary.

Tenerife Sur - Madrid (757-200) - Night flight leaving at 3.20 or something. Slept for most of the flight but the service was better than average. Breakfas was nice

Madrid - Dublin (A320) - not great service, bad crew, bad catering, but not the worst.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 12:54 am

I flew IBERIA within Europe just last month and their service is comparable to SK, LH, AF, KL, TK, and better than BA, OA, CY, and way way better than AZ. The aircraft were very clean and in order, the cabin crew were very nice, food was good, flights were on time, and yes, it was great to fly IBERIA. I would definitely fly IBERIA again should that be a possibility.

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 2:10 am

As a spaniard, I've flown IBEIRA many many times on domestic and european routes, and I must say their service is pretty much the same as other european airlines I've flown like LH, BA, KL,..
I have only flown IBEIRA a few times over the pond to JFK and MIA on their 747s and A340s and I must say their service in economy class was just average, a good value for the money I paid for the tickets (€280 for a round trip LCG-BCN-JFK for instance), seat pitch as cramped as any other Y class (except for AA MRTC), and I must agree with others that the FAs disappear after meals and they leave a self service bar at the rear.. (very slack attitude I'm afraid). But I've never found a rude behaviour.
And in what concerns to punctuality, 90% of my flights with IBEIRA departed and arrived on time. I know delays happen, but with the same frecuency as with other european airlines.
I really like their A340s for they are very silent and comfortable planes.
All in all, I think IBEIRA is a good airline, offering a good and competitive service, at very reasonable prices (specially for wallet-wise people, haaa)
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 3:40 am

Hi again guys,

Thanks for all your help. One question a little off the topic. Do you know if I need a Visa to visit Spain as a Mexican citizen?


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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 3:54 am

No, you dont need a visa, just your passport.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 4:04 am

Thank you Aeromexico757 for your reply.

Maybe I will go to the next meeting and meet all of my Mexican friends.


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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 5:43 am

I fly with them to Buenos Aires from Stockholm (via Madrid) relatively often (but I fly LH if I have the chance).

IB has rather old or/and poorly maintained aircrafts: A year ago A340, coach, no sound, no head light in my seat. A month ago 743, no sound for the approx. 100 people sitting in the middle section. And no excuses from the cabin crew.

And if you are sitting for more than 10 hours and they are the screens are on for 6 hours you do mind.

Punctuality is much better now, its staff is not very service minded really, but Barajas Airport is finally doing fine.

As a whole I wouldn't place Iberia in the same level as the major European airlines.

But on the other hand, you can not beat Iberia's pricing. They always offer you a very good deal and then you take the good things together with the bad ones. And Spain is beautiful.

Take your chance!

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 5:54 am


I traveled MEX-MAD on July with IB and it was awful... the 747 was in very bad conditions and inflight service was really bad, and it arrived DELAYED more than 1 hr and 30 minutes.
My uncle traveled MEX-MAD with AM and he told me it was pretty good... the plane wan in good conditions, inflight service was really nice, it was ON TIME, etc... he was very pleased.

About fares... I guess IB is cheaper than AM

Have a nice trip!
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 5:55 am

I flew with IB on JFK-MAD and MAD-JFK a few years ago. The service was subpar and the food was atrocious. Leaving JFK, we had a ground delay of six hours (almost as long as the flight itself) and the cabin crew refused to serve anything. Some passengers resorted to stealing bread and water from the galley and distributing the spoils among the hungry masses. No PTVs of course, but this was on a 747-200. As I've heard countless times, IB's intercontinental service is horrible while their European service is decent and on-par with most European airlines.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 6:10 am

AeroMexico767, thanks for giving us a comparison between the service offered by IB and AM.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 7:06 am

This summer, I flew IB's transatlantic A340/742 service and their intra-Europe 757 service from MAD-FCO. The differences were overwhelming. Their intra-Europe service was as pleasant a flying experience as I have ever had. Their inter-continental service was average at best and the flight attendants were much ruder than on the MAD-FCO runs.
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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 9:38 am

As people from Mexico say, yes, IB does arrive late like 5 of 7 days a week from MAD.

I've gone to the airport to receive some friends, like 3 times in the past year, and with no exception they are always late. Also when I try to spot the airplane, they are kind of late...

AM, usually departs on time to MAD, and arrives 0K also.
I've heard from my friends that travel IB that the service is really bad...

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RE: How Is Iberia?

Thu Dec 19, 2002 10:59 am

WOW! Incredible fares! I tried MSP-MAD through ORD Dec 25 to Feb 2, $520 roundtrip and it includes taxes!!


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