How Do You Go About Flying

Sat Nov 06, 1999 6:33 pm

Hi I am an 18 year old student. I would like to know the best way to go about learning to fly. Also if anyone could give me some insight as to what it takes to be an airline pilot that would be greatly apprecaited.

Daniel Quinn
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RE: How Do You Go About Flying

Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:26 pm

Danny, your question is not precise enough : do you want learning to fly just for leisure or do you want to make your job of it? If for leisure as I do then just take contact with your nearest club so did I. The first time it was curiosity and I decided to make a first flight during an open day even if I already knew that I was made for this and that I would really enjoy it. Was so nice that I decided to start some few lessons ad then I always had something knew to learn and it became more and more a passion. Good luck if U want to join the family. Bye.