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99TH Anniversary Of Powered Flight!

Wed Dec 18, 2002 5:14 am

Today 12-17-02 marks the 99th anniversary of the first airplane that made its first flight in the air on December 17, 1903. Today was the first day since 99 years ago, that a man made powered object, powered by a mans dream and his spirit first took off into the air above the earth. The first airplane, the first man, and the first man powered flight occurred on this amazing day.

"The first flight lasted only twelve seconds, a flight very modest when compared with that of birds, but it was, nevertheless, the first in the history of the world in which a machine carrying a man had raised itself by its own power into the air in free flight, had sailed forward on a level course without reduction in speed, and had finally landed without being wrecked."

-Wright brother's description of the birth of powered flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C.,
December 17, 1903