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Sun Nov 07, 1999 12:44 am

Does any one know if Northwest has plans to ever order the 777 or the A340. I know they ordered the A330(when will that be delivered), but are they ever going to use any thing other than the 747 and the Dc-10 for their long haul services.

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Sun Nov 07, 1999 4:05 am

I have heard that part of the A320 deal included a clause that they could never buy the 777 (and I believe 767 also).
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Sun Nov 07, 1999 4:09 am

Northwest either was thinking about ordering A340's but never did or ordered them, but cancelled the order(maybe converted it to some other type of aircraft. I'm not sure.)
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Mon Nov 08, 1999 10:51 am

I'm not 100% sure but I think that Northwest had ordered the A340 but then changed it's order to the A330. The first NWA A333s won't fly until 2004-2005. I hope Northwest orders the A332/A345/A346 or the B767-400/B772/B773/B77X sometime soon to replace it's DC-10s and 747-100/200s. I also suspect that Northwest might order the A3XX at some point.
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Mon Nov 08, 1999 1:25 pm

How can Airbus put a clause in not to allow the purchase of 777s when it got all pissy when Boeing tried to sign exclusive contracts with Delta, American, and Continental?? I dont think they could. Also, hasnt Northwest publicly said that the A3XX is far too expensive in its current state?

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Mon Nov 08, 1999 2:37 pm

Nope, there is no orders for 777's or A340's. Once NWA retires our DC-10's, they should be replaced by the A330's. All of us ramp workers want the 777 and 767, they are great to load. Hope this helps...

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