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Strange warning

Sun Dec 20, 1998 7:17 am

Today 19/12 I went to plane spotting at FAO airport. I was listening the approach to rwy 28 of a Deutche BA 733. When it was about 15-20 miles from touch down, the pilot reported to ATC that he had an altitude warning "terrain terrain". He also told that would pull up the plane due to that warning.

The strange about this is that the plane was more than 5000ft altitude, and no reported traffic in the area, also with correct QNH. The weather was hazy and I guess he was not visual with terrain. But, in any case, he was 5000 ft above the ground.

The pilot decide to make the approach over the water (Atlantic Ocean) just in case.

Even after landing, the ATC ask for more details to the pilot, because they also didn't understand what happened.

Can this be a computer problem or what?

Faro, Portugal
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RE: Strange warning

Sun Dec 20, 1998 8:52 am

If they had an excessive rate of descend, it may be the probable cause of this terrain alert.
I had one situation like that on approach to Athens, in a CAVOK day, at about 3500 ft.

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