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Virgin Adding Third Nigerian City

Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:18 am

VS will be flying into Port Hartcourt with an A340-300, they already serve Lagos and Abuja, never knew the Nigerian market was so good ofr them.
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RE: Virgin Adding Third Nigerian City

Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:59 am

The Nigerian market is extraordinarily lucrative. It is by far the most populous country in Africa and has a huge oil industry.

The historical problem has been the traffic rights which, until a couple of years back, didn't allow anyone except BA and Nigeria Airways to fly the UK-Nigeria routes.
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RE: Virgin Adding Third Nigerian City

Sun Dec 22, 2002 2:02 am

Virgin do not serve Abuja - the only London - Abuja services currently operating are with British Airways (777 3x weekly) and Nigeria Airways (742 1x weekly). I think the UK - Nigeria market has huge potential for expansion - I expect Virgin will eventually start flights Abuja and Kano as well as Lagos and Port Harcourt, either with A343s made surplus by A346s or with more leased 742s. A friend in Lagos said that Virgin already have a very good reputation in Nigeria and many regular BA travellers are now trying VS. Does anyone know the loadfactors on Virgin's LHR-LOS route?

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RE: Virgin Adding Third Nigerian City

Sun Dec 22, 2002 3:09 am

"Does anyone know the loadfactors on Virgin's LHR-LOS route?"

Put it this way, on Thursday's flight it was overbooked by 107 !!.

We also are unable to get all the bags on the a/c, when it's full as there simply is not enough room on to get all the bags on !!.

We had to send an A343 down the other day just to take 10 containers of bags that had backed up at LHR that we were unable to get on the normal flights. I don't know what those people take with them, but on a normal flight we can get about 30-40 bags in an AKE, but on the LOS we are lucky to get 20 in as those bags are so big and heavy, we also have to restrict the number of bags to 2 per person in W/Y and 3pp in J.

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RE: Virgin Adding Third Nigerian City

Sun Dec 22, 2002 5:14 am


Yes indeed Nigeria is a very lucrative market and the fares ex Nigeria are high. Thus the yields are very good. The bulk of traffic is huge and the top O&D's out of Nigeria are to LON and HKG. The reason why so many bags are as checked in luggage is taken with goes back to the fact that many Nigerian simply take their commercial commodities with them (they buy them abroad and take them home) Especially in Lagos (LOS) you can get in any luggage you want if you produce enough cash..... i knew one foreign who always wanted his cargo sent there on a certain week day..after a while it turned out that on that particular day the shift leader of customs was there and the guy drove his truck right to the import store and took his goods without paying a penny officially to customs...
The other bulk of travel is for the oil biz. this is very much concentrated in Port Hartcourt and Abuja. Abuja is also the new destination for LH.