Air Canada A330 In Toronto!

Mon Nov 08, 1999 11:46 am

I finally got to see Air Canada's Airbus 330 at the airport today!!! I saw it take off on 24L, going as Air Canada Flight 420 to Montreal. I picked up Air Canada's flight schedule last week, and it says that Air Canada will be using their Airbus 330 on Flight 142 from Vancouver to Toronto arriving in Toronto at 3:55PM Toronto time, and departing at 5:00PM from Toronto to Montreal. I am not sure if they will use the 330 every day, or if they will just use it sometimes. They also use the 330 from Montreal to London, and I think they also fly from Montreal to Paris.

I also saw the Charlotte Hornets leave Toronto after their game against the Toronto Raptors on their team charter (a 737-200)!
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RE: Air Canada A330 In Toronto!

Mon Nov 08, 1999 4:21 pm

I too saw Air Canada's brand new A330 in Toronto when I landed on Oct. 30th. As my aircraft was taxiing to T3, I looked at the Air Canada hanger (there always seems to be an A340 in there), and what I thought was just another A340 was indeed the A330... I sort of had to do a double take since I noticed that it had two engines instead of four. I was surprised to see the A330 in Toronto since many people have told me that the aircraft will be in Montreal most of the time... It was a beautiful thing, however, the RR engines look smaller than I thought (maybe they only look smaller in proportion to the -300 size fuselage).
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RE: Air Canada A330 In Toronto!

Mon Nov 08, 1999 10:56 pm

If I knew it would be flying domestically, I would've flown Air Canada to Toronto in 2 days instead of Canadian. Damn it!! Mybe we'll taxi by it or something