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Temporary Chat Room Online

Mon Nov 08, 1999 2:39 pm

For those that have missed the Airliners.net chat room, I'd like to let you know that I've started an unofficial temporary chat room. You can use it via either IRC or a web-based Java interface very similar to the one Airliners.net had. This one will replace the one Koopas suggested (I've worked with him to set it up).

Entry Method 1 - Java: Go to http://webzone.dal.net/. Enter the nickname you want to use and tell it you want to go to channel #airliners, and click connect.

Entry Method 2 - IRC: If you're going to use this method, you're probably already familiar with IRC, so all you should need to know that the server is dragon.dal.net, port 6667, and the channel is #airliners.

Hope to see you there!