Phillipines Airlines

Sun Nov 01, 1998 10:18 pm

Can anyone PLEASE tell me what's up with Phillipine Airlines.One day they say they are bankrupt, the next they're flying again!!

RE: Phillipines Airlines

Mon Nov 02, 1998 2:53 am

Last I heard they are not lying! But it would not surprise me that they are flying again as all those new airbus' it would not surprise me if they reant them out or start flying them again.
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RE: Phillipines Airlines

Mon Nov 02, 1998 3:14 pm

From what I hear they are flying. One 747 came into LA this weekend!
Looks like there back.

RE: Phillipines Airlines

Mon Nov 02, 1998 10:42 pm

Philippine Airlines went belly-up last September 23 because of financial problems precipitated by a restless labor force. The debilitating labor problems saw more than 5,000 ground staff, flight attendants and about 400 pilots given their walking papers. Subsequent to the closure, management and the unions met and forged a deal that would ensure labor peace for the next 10 years. This paved the way for the re-opening last October 7. Only domestic flights were flown using nine aircraft, a mix of A330s, A320s, B737s and a Fokker 50. The route network has been steadily expanding. International flights were to have started October 18, but this was postponed until PAL could get assurances from its creditors that its aircraft would not be seized. When PAL's imminent closure was announced in the middle of September, US creditors seized two Boeing 747-400s as they landed in LAX and HK.

Cathay Pacific is seriously looking at buying a 40 percent stake in PAL. This also includes management of the airline. CX is going through the PAL's books right now and has completed the initial stages of its audit. Talk has it that with that CX needs to shell out only US$130-M for 40%, assuming it takes over the $2-B debt of the airline. The brunt of that $2-B is owed to aircraft leasing firms. PAL recently acquired 36 new aircraft, a mix of Boeing 747-400s, A340s, A330s and A320s. Some of the orders have been cancelled and many of the planes were due to be returned to the leasing companies, but with PAL's re-opening, the airline decided to hold on to them.

Interestingly enough, the Philippine government allowed Cathay to fly some key domestic Philippine routes in the two weeks that PAL was closed. CX didn't make money, but they did get to test the waters.

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RE: Phillipines Airlines

Tue Nov 03, 1998 1:05 am

Phillipines Airlines was able to come to an agreement with their union so they could begin flying again. Unfortunately many of their aircraft have been reposed by the leasing companies and given to other airlines. They are currently trying to reacquire aircraft.
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RE: Phillipines Airlines

Tue Nov 03, 1998 1:10 am

PAL has (or had) 54 planes. With its vastly-reduced route network, most of those are just lying idle at the PAL ramps in Manila. They reckon they will only need 22 planes with the downsized operations. Where they used to have 620 pilots they now have around 200. A lot of the planes though are the older 747-200, A300B4, B-737-300 and Fokker 50s. I wonder if PAL is willing and able to hang on to their newer aircraft.