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US Airways A320 And A319 Shuttle

Thu Dec 26, 2002 9:56 am

Just curious, but why does US have A319's and A320's dedicated to the LGA-BOS-LGA and LGA-DCA-LGA shuttle service? Is it to match demand at different times during the day? US Airways introduced new equipment on the Shuttle before Delta (replacing its 727-200's and a temporary use of DC9 and 737-200/300 equipment). Delta introduced an all 737-800 fleet on the Shuttle after US.

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RE: US Airways A320 And A319 Shuttle

Thu Dec 26, 2002 3:05 pm

I don't know for sure if I understand the questions... but I'll try to answer.

They're dedicated because their interiors are VERY different than their other aircraft. They have all leather seats, no F class, and lots of legroom.

They fly the A320s from LGA to DCA and BOS, and the A319s from BOS to DCA.

I don't know how demand is, but DCA flights to LGA leave on the bottom and BOS on the top of the hour, at least used to. Pre 9/11.

The DL shuttle used to leave on the top of the hour to both BOS and LGA, but now it just goes to LGA.


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