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Visiting Bhutan

Mon Nov 08, 1999 7:59 pm

Hi all
Have any of you visited Bhutan ? In case you don't know, look for it on the's right of Nepal and above Bangladesh/eastern India.
Bhutan's national airline, Druk Air, uses two BAE146-100s (A5-RGD and RGE) for flights to Delhi (DEL),Kathmandu (KTM),Calcutta (CCU), Dhaka (DAC) and Bangkok (BKK). The only airport in the country is in Paro which is surrounded by mountains 12,000 feet high. The 146 is probably one of few aircraft that can do a STOL here..after takeoff the aircraft weaves thru gaps in the mountains while climbing - quite a thrill for any passenger.
All landings/takeoffs are done during daylight hours only since there's no instrumentation available for night.
Does anyone know of any other place on earth like this ??
Welcome your views.

RE: Visiting Bhutan

Tue Nov 09, 1999 12:24 am

i think the Bhutan authorities only permit 5000 visas each year to foreign visitors, u'll count urself really lucky if u get to visit the kingdom...its really a mystical place.