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When Air Travel Makes Me Happy/Sad

Sun Dec 29, 2002 8:38 am

It is truly a wondrous gift to the modern world...long distance jet travel...swift, cheap, efficient (ok sometimes). You can step on a plane at your local international airport and step off the next day in the heart of another continent...places we only dreamed off not so long ago.

However, tonight it makes me sad. My love is at this time somewhere high over Europe, in a giant of the skies; its four engine's purring effortlessly; it's computers and systems monitoring, checking and controlling every movement; its flight crew taking the responsibility for delivering near 300 souls at 0.83 the speed of sound and at 37,000ft across continents and seas...controllers from London to her destination Colombo, guiding the mighty ship a safe passage through busy skies..and behind the scenes, dispatchers, fuelers, engineers, baggage handlers, ground crew all doing there jobs so that my love will be safe.

...and we take all this for granted; day in day out. Tomorrow, it will be someone else who bids farewell to friends, family and loved ones on the same flight. And this will happen a hundred thousand times all over the planet tomorrow, the day after and the day after that.

And in two weeks, my love will board another giant. 100 years ago the Tea Clippers would have steered her in record time back to me; but the journey would have taken three will take her 10 hours.

If its a clear day tomorrow and u catch sight of a jet screaming across blues skies with crisp white trails pluming from behind her, just stop and think of how bloody fantastic it really is.
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RE: When Air Travel Makes Me Happy/Sad

Sun Dec 29, 2002 8:48 am

Amen Shankly!  Big thumbs up