Tue Nov 09, 1999 1:42 pm

I was quite surprised recently to find that Air New Zealand once flew between Auckland and Dallas/Ft Worth. Can anyone provide me with more information about this route, such as was it direct, non-stop and what aircraft and did they codeshare beyond Dallas and between Dallas and Auckland with any airlines.

Further to this does anyone think it is likely that Qantas will ever commence operations between Sydney and Dallas in it's own right to tap into the massive American Airlines hub there. I am not sure but i think the 747-400 can make this non-stop but just. The A340-500 would be able to make this route nonstop without any fuss. In fact it could fly between Chicago and Sydney non-stop.

I think Dallas could prove a valuable route for Qantas, especially considering Texas' rising population and booming technology business (or so i have heard). AA is also increasing flights between Dallas and other international desitinations which Qantas may want to codeshare on, such as Central and Southern America as well as Europe.

A lot of questions i know, but hay that is the only way i will learn this stuff!
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RE: Dallas-Australia/NZ

Tue Nov 09, 1999 6:55 pm

Air New Zealand did fly to Dallas for about 2 years in the late 80s. They used a B747-20o for a weekly Auckland-Tahiti-Dallas-Gatwick service. For the last six months of the service the Tahiti stop switched to Honolulu. The route didnt work because of poor loads, well thats what I heard anyway.
American Airlines also proviced flights between Dallas and Sydney(four times a week) and Auckland(three a week) for a short time in the early 90s. They used DC10s. Again, the route made no money. At that time, Australia/NZ was in a recession so things went wrong, but I think now the route can be viable.
It all depends on how serious Qantas and Air New Zealand air on Dallas, and to tell you the truth, I dont think they are. Perhaps AA can fly Dallas-Sydney non-stop with their MD11s three or four times a week. There are tremendous growth opportunities avaiable on this route.
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RE: Dallas-Australia/NZ

Tue Nov 09, 1999 7:03 pm

Another interesting topic from Sp-deluxe!!I think AA will fly DFW-Sydney nonstop and codeshare with Qantas. They could fly 777s or maybe MD-11s if that plane has the range. Of course, they are getting rid of the MD-11s anyway in a few years. The777Man
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Thanks The777Man

Wed Nov 10, 1999 8:22 am

Thanks for the compliment. Aside from Dallas i think it may be possible for other Sydney-US destinations to emerge especially since the US-Australia tourism and business markets are booming.

How about Houston-Sydney with CO 777's, maybe with NW codeshare.

Atlanta-Dallas-Sydney 777's with Delta
Pheonix-Sydney with American West (no aircraft in fleet at moment)
St Louis-San Francisco-Sydney TWA (a340?)