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Falcon Set To Fly With Gulf Air Brand Evolution

Sun Jan 05, 2003 3:26 am


The Gulf Air brand is more than half a century old and embellishes the airline’s pioneering, adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. Gulf Air is now further evolving its cultural strengths gained from its glorious past to once again become the leading ‘fashion’ brand of the airline industry.

In so doing, it has appointed Landor Associates, the world’s most accomplished and internationally recognised branding and design consultancy, to work with Gulf Air’s senior management to review all aspects of the airline’s brand, in order to renew and strengthen its brand power as part of the three-year strategic recovery plan.

To be reborn is an up-market, glamorous and stylish Gulf Air brand that exudes the exotic mystique of Arabian culture. This naturally will include new livery for the airline’s fleet of aircraft

More details on developments during this exciting time in Gulf Air’s history will be revealed over the coming months.

Also the decision to upgrade the livery, may have been also due to the withdrawal of Qatar as a shareholder. As the GF stripes also corporates Qatars maroon.


RE: Falcon Set To Fly With Gulf Air Brand Evolution

Sun Jan 05, 2003 11:06 am

if they're looking for "exotic Arabian mystique" why would they choose an American firm from Georgia?  Confused Can't the Arabs figure out what they're own "exotic mystique" is without the help of some overpriced consultants from Atlanta.