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Jobs As An F/A

Wed Nov 10, 1999 10:49 pm

According to SW's website they pay F/A's $14 per trip, with a trip as 243 miles. Is that typical throughout the industry? How many trips do F/A's fly on per day? Do they usually work 5 days a week? It seems like at that rate you'd hardly make any money as an F/A !!!! What is a good airline to be an F/A with?
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RE: Jobs As An F/A

Fri Nov 12, 1999 12:11 am

Does it not depend on destination FA flies? For example, I heard from my friend who was a pax on BA's Moscow-London flight and a FA (who was described as "very nice", btw) was telling that she got GBP 25 for trip to Moscow... it was upsetting coz according to her Moscow trip was rated at GBP 70 before! Now Russia is kind of more "traveller friendly" and stuff so it's become cheaper  .