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Media Treatment On Aviation (specially Brazil)

Thu Nov 11, 1999 1:47 am

Today I read on a online newspaper that the Mexico aircrash involved a 727, instead of a DC-9.... This totally pisses me off.. and it´s not the first time.
Ciro and other brazilian users here will agree with me. Brazilian media is #1 in aircraft mistakes, and this is sad:

1- A few months ago, at Porto Alegre Intl (POA), while in maintenance, a 727-100F (or -200?) cargo door exploded, killing 2 or 3 people. When I heard it on ***national television***, the anchorman said it was a 767! C´mon, gimme a break!
2- The AA crash at Little Rock airport (06/01)... TV said it was a 737... but it was a MD-82...
3- the ANA incident where a passenger stabbed the captain... I read in 2 newpapers that the aircraft involved was a A340.

I have plenty of stories, but since I´m too pissed to tell it, I´ll let another brazilian to do the rest for me...  
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RE: Media Treatment On Aviation (specially Brazil)

Thu Nov 11, 1999 3:38 am

It doesn't only happen there. I can't tell you how many times here in the U.S. I've heard reports of "twin-engine 727" or "new Boeing 727-200."

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RE: Media Treatment On Aviation (specially Brazil)

Thu Nov 11, 1999 3:55 am

What's even worse than the Brazilian (and US) media's lack of aviation knowledge is the way the media here in the US rips on Brazil every time there's an Embraer accident.

Over the years there have been a few Brasilia crashes (all due to weather or human error) and each one brings the usual lies about commuter airliners being unsafe. They never actually say it, but they imply that it's wrong for US carriers to be flying "Third World" airplanes. What a bunch of garbage! The US media seems to think that if it's not made in the US, Canada, Europe or Japan then it must be junk.

More recently they're doing the same thing with the engine overheating problems that a few ERJ-145s have had. Of course, no one in the press bothered to find out that they have American-made engines on them.

The folks in Sao Jose dos Campos have a lot to be proud of. In 30 years they've gone from nothing to become the world's leading manufacturer of regional airliners. There's also the Tucano, which the British liked so much that they bought a license and built their own.

BTW, I've seen the Brazilian Air Force Smoke Squadron perform three times here in the US. They fly a damn good show!  
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RE: Media Treatment On Aviation (specially Brazil)

Thu Nov 11, 1999 3:06 pm

The local media in ATL lost me as a viewer immediately after ValuJet 592 went in. Each channel in ATL reported the story as something like "...the DC9, formerly owned by Delta Air Lines...."

Never mind that the aircraft had been overhauled, sold to MD as a part of a deal for MD90s, and had sat in the desert for months before ValuJet bought it from MD. Somehow, DAL was liable!

Now all I watch is Headline News. And that's mainly for Lynn Russel (rowr!)