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Change Is Good . .

Thu Nov 11, 1999 2:03 am

Hi all,

Just got a call "out of the blue" from British Midland*, with which I was supposed to be flying home at Christmas, from Jersey to Dublin. I was supposed to have flown back via East Midlands, on a Fokker 100 to EMA and then an EMB145 to DUB, but unfortunately, the schedule was changed, so they have now put me on a BA flight to Heathrow (a 320) and one of their own A321s to Dublin (with an upgrade)! Thankfully, I'll be able to come back the way I intended, with the 145 and F100, so all in all, I'm perfectly happy!

Just thinking about it, though, it's three years since I came over here and in that time, the DUB-LHR-JER/vv run has changed from being all Boeing to all Airbus. In '96, I came over on an EI 734 to LHR and a BA 732 to JER (although my first arrival had to be aborted due to fog,and we returned to LHR!). Last year, EI changed to the 321, as did BD and in July, BA changed to 320s on the JER route, so it's now all Airbus!

*I suppose now that British Midland is now partly owned by LH and SAS, it should be called BRITISCHE MIDLANDSSEN?!!!