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Jims Day 13 At Boeing

Thu Nov 11, 1999 4:41 pm

Hey "FANS",

Wow, I never thought I'd ever have Fans. You like me, you really like me.........

Today was the day! We completed Autopilot by discussing the flight director and everything else the instructor tried to get across. I'll admit it from the get-go. I CANNOT DO BOOLEAN LOGIC. Those of you who can, congratulations, now go away.

No it really wasn't that bad. But there were times when I lost focus and had to force my mind back into my head.

After lunch we took the test for the autopilot section. I scored an 88%. WHOOO HOOOOOO! I disputed two of the three questions I missed, but the instructor wasn't biting. Oh well, my average is now back into the mid-80s, with all the hard stuff (I hope) behind.

My bosses took a trip to see the first DAL 764 (VQ003) with one of thier bosses yesterday. They told us the paint job looks great, and thats about all they had to say.

Tomorrow we start the section on electrical power. Its supposed to be about 9hrs, so we might finish it tomorrow as we are running about 3 hours fast already!

Hasta lumbago!

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RE: Jims Day 13 At Boeing

Fri Nov 12, 1999 5:51 pm

Hi Jim, seeing and hearing about your training program, I can really imagine that you enjoy your beer back Home!!!
Regards and Go On.