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Airlines And Airport Operations

Mon Jan 13, 2003 12:32 pm

Hello all just had a few questions

this applies for Airlines like Delta, American, United, Continental, US Airways, Southwest, Alaska, Jet Blue, Air Tran, North West, America West, and the many other large airlines out there. I Know that like United for instance at their hubs have Mechanics aculty marshall aircraft in and so on, where as at outstations people get to kinda do everything, well what about the other airlines? Do most of them have specific positions. See like a ramp agent from what I know at a lot of airport hubs really only get to operate cargo equipment, open cargo doors, and Unload bags and cargo, Is it like that everywhere prettymuch? Are there any large airlines that even at hubs rotate people through all the positions? I would think it to be very very unlikely, But hey I guess its possible. I wouldn't want to just work inside and not to go and do specific ramp dutties as well. Like for United, What is considered at outstation anyway? Would IND be a Outstation, or MCO? what about SAN? and PDX? Also I encourage people that work for different airlines to tell about their job and what they get to do at there job. Thanks!
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RE: Airlines And Airport Operations

Mon Jan 13, 2003 12:45 pm

It does seem that people have more strictly defined job duties in major hubs, while at the outstations you will find they are a little less specialized. This probably has to do with the fact that outstations have less traffic and thus less need to have a dedicated person perform a certain task, so one of the gate agents simply assumes the duties of that specialized position.
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