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Alaska Airlines's 727's?

Mon Dec 21, 1998 9:13 am

I have a question that could have a split answer.I used to see Alaska Airlines 727s at ANC but I have'nt seen any for years.Q1.did they get rid of thier 727s?Q2. If they still have them,where do they fly?(I live in Alaska,so I guess not here anymore.)Q3.If they got rid of them,then when?

Hope someone knows!

Scott Dufford

RE: Alaska Airlines's 727's?

Mon Dec 21, 1998 9:21 am

Yep they are gone.

The last passenger one I belive was retired in april of 1994?. I don't know where the last flight was but it did go through Seattle at one point(surprise....surprise). That aircraft was also the last one that was in the old color scheme.

The last 727 that was operated by AS was N753AS which was a 727 freighter. It was painted in the Arco Alaska house colors (there should be a 737 up there that has the same colors owned by Arco, the one that is green and yellow is owned by BP) Anyway that aircraft was operated through the summer of 94 and was retired in September of that year?? I happened to work the ramp for AS that summer in ANC and turned that aircraft in Anchorage on its final flight for AS. They sold it to some tuna hauler in the south pacific. I belive that aircraft was the same one that made a nosegear up landing at ANC a few years back on it's way back from the slope. At least 753 had the skin cancer and doublers in the right places for that to be the same aircraft.
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RE: Alaska Airlines's 727's?

Mon Dec 21, 1998 10:07 am

They haven't had any 727s for at least a few years. 3 were written off, 2 were scrapped, the others went to other airlines. I belive they got rid of them in 1993-94.
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RE: Alaska Airlines's 727's?

Tue Dec 22, 1998 7:39 am

That's right. Alaska no longer has 727's, the last one was phased out in 1994. Do you read the Airliners Magazine? Back in the Spring of 1994, there was an issue all about Alaska Airlines and they had at that time a few 727's left (I believe 6 early in 1994). I have a scale model at home of an an Alaska 727 at 1/200, I made it ten years ago. Needless to say, it was at that time the blue and green cheatline with the blue smiling eskimo. Very neat.
I assume you know that today Alaska has MD-80's and B737-400's (the 700's are coming up, I believe they still have a few 200's left).
Has anyone ever been on an Alaska Airlines B727?

Ben Soriano

RE: Alaska Airlines's 727's?

Tue Dec 22, 1998 1:34 pm

Oh yeah.

I have heard they are trying to phase out the MD-80s because they are soo ice happy north of Seattle. They have six 200's all of them are Combi aircraft and usually are based out of Anchorage. You just cant make a profit up there unless you fly freight