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Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 6:48 am

Anybody ever hear of Great Planes Air? They bought out Ozark (the new Ozark) and I had a question about 'em. Does anybody know how many 328Jets they have in their fleet? Also, how many hours do they require in order to fly for them. Thanks!
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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 8:34 am

Great Plains, based out of Tulsa, Okla. consists of two (2) aircraft. They do receive gov't funding from the state, and were recently denied their application for gov't loans.
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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 8:42 am

Great Plains uses some kind of special type paint that gives the aircraft a color changing appearance depending on how the sun hits it.
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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 9:39 am

Also do a search- there is a topic on great plains from a few days ago on their expansion to Austin, and then DC. They have more on order and get tax breaks/subsidiesfrom the OK govt.

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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 12:11 pm

Great Plains is also a certified repair station. TechRep is employed by this company. They have two 328Jets from Ozark Air and are getting more for increasing service. Try searching under his name and you will find lots of links to previous discussions on both Great Plaines and the 328Jet. He is the best source for this airline
from that discussion

"Since I now work for Great Plains after being laid-off from Fairchild Dornier, let me tell you why this airline will survive where others did not. First they bought the 4 aircraft at almost a firesale. The Do328 has devalued so much that they picked up the 4 aircraft at about the cost of what the two 306B engines cost. They basically got the airframe for free, that includes avionics.

They have a Part 145 repair facility and of course the Part 121 operation. They plan to offer heavy checks, mods, SB interrogation, etc, to other 328 operators who are looking for an alternative to starting their own in house plan. This will bring in added revenue and compliment the airline.

They also have a very sophisticated training program given to them by Lufthansa Technik which will allow to provide training to other operators via an online web based portal. I will head that department up and it's my job to see it is successful.

A lot of talent is being brought over from laid off FD employees and we also have some other plans to bring in a large venue stream but I can't divulge that at this time.

Great Plains will be buying more aircraft very soon and is currently in negotiation to do just that. GP has the highest utilization rate of any 328 operator around 8.3 hours a day average per aircraft. The closest behind them is PSA with about 6.5 hours. I see a potential future with this airline and that's why I am going up there. "
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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Thu Jan 16, 2003 1:46 pm

The best thing about Great Plains Airlines is the meals---Subway during lunch and dinner hours, and Krispy Kreme during breakfast! Big grin
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RE: Great Plains Airlines

Fri Jan 17, 2003 3:44 am

We no longer serve "Subway" sandwiches but have switched to those market fresh "Arby's" sandwiches.

We have what's called "Shift Paint" on our tails translating from purple to metallic blue depending on where you view it. The paint is $900 a pint. Takes three pints just to do the tail.

We were denied gov't backed loans but still received a $60M US loan from the OTA for expansion. We also receive a lot of funding through the TIPS program though the state of Oklahoma. This pays for our Sim training which runs 400-600 an hour.

We purchased 4 additional Dornier 328JETS and the fleet now totals 6 aircraft.

We are also looking at CRJ-200's and CRJ-700's to add that coast-to-coast range.

We have two companies under one holding company, Great Plains airlines (FAR 121) and Great Plains Aircraft Service (FAR 145) repair station, we do C-Checks for PSA and AWAC.