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Rate My Airline...NWA

Fri Nov 12, 1999 4:10 pm

Hi everybody-----
I just wanted to open this topic up for any suggestions, comments, etc. you may have for us at NWA. I work on ramp at SEA. We try to make everybody's experience on us a great one, and I know we mess up sometimes but who doesn't. It's just that from the forum somtimes, I hear about people saying they have bad experiences on NWA. So, if you have anything you want to suggest or whatever, let me know. I'm going to write down most of them and give it to my supervisor. If it's inflight, I can't really help. Thanks!
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Fri Nov 12, 1999 8:43 pm

I've flown NW many times, non-rev and problems with them at all. Good airline.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Fri Nov 12, 1999 11:28 pm

I've flown NW several times this year (Lax-Jax-Lax, Lax-Hnl-Lax twice, Lax-Dtw-Lax, Lgw-Dtw-Lax (Biz)) and had enjoyable experiences for the most part. The was a mechanical delay on a DC10 going to Hnl that caused my baggage not to make my island connection. I guess my biggest problem with NW is fleet age. I hate flying on the older 747's, DC10's and DC9's but have no problems with the 747-400, 757's and the A320's. I flew KLM Lax-Ams-Lhr (Biz) and enjoyed them as well. I like that airline as it is the only airline I know that serves warm bread!!!!! Not frozen.

Suggestions for NW - Limit carry-on baggage as it is really out of control. Have someone at the airplane door to keep people from taking multiple pieces on or stuff that is simply too large.

Warm the rolls like KLM does.

Buy some new planes.

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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Fri Nov 12, 1999 11:36 pm

I have flown in NWA many times and for the most part they were a good airline. The main problems with Northwest now are DTW and the DC-9s and DC-10s that many people don't like. Northwest also has some labor disputes. The DTW problem is going to be fixed when NW opens up the new 99 gate midfield terminal. The DC-9s and DC-10s are fairly reliable aircraft and NW will probabally replace them with A318 orders and A330 orders in a year or two. The labor problems may take some time to fix but I think that NW will pull through. Northwest really is a great airline but just has had some hard times lately. I've been on over 20 NW flights in the past 14 years and I have to say that only one flight from DTW-BWI was a horrible flight due to the fact that the flight was cancelled due to labor and weather problems and I had to wait in line at the DTW ticket counter along with thousands of other people to try to make the last flight of the day. Again, despite what many people say NW is good. Also NW and KLM are not at all siamese twins.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Fri Nov 12, 1999 11:41 pm

The last time I flew NW was BDL-DTW-SEA. The first flight on a new A320 was fantastic. The connection was an hour late due to an unspecified mechanical problem (757)

My flight back was cancelled FOR NO REASON. We were rebooked on USAirways.

Of course, this was during the 1998 slowdown problems.

I would fly them again, but I would prefer not to.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 1:47 am

Just buy more new planes, PLEASE!!   Now I dont mind old planes much, but they shouldn't be used on international routes where you are trying to make a good impression, and where the world can see you. Not good to have your aging DC-10 pull up next to a spanking new 777 of the competitor, which would you rather get on?? Other than that, the service is fine.

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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 2:33 am

I like Northwest a lot. I flew them a lot this summer...MCO-MEM-SEA-HNL / HNL-LAX-MEM-MCO. I like the meals on those flights, especially the breakfasts.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 3:43 am

I don't fly NWA that much, maybe 4 time a year but they are an ok airline. The new A320s are great, but when I fly MSP-LGW i really don't enjoy the old DC-10s as much as the AA or UA 777s I have also flown. The food I ate on a flight from MSP-DEN was bad, but most of the time it is prety good. Overall I don't choose to fly them, I'd rather fly other airlines, but when I do my flight has no real bad parts to it. Oh yeah they have never lost my baggage so good work.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 4:32 am

I fly Northwest almost all time that I fly, because I live in Great Falls, Montana. We have very few choices in GTF. Delta flys to SLC. Northwest flies to MSP. Horizon flies to SEA. And regional carrier Big Sky flies to GEG. It mostly depends on which cardinal direction you want to go. Because most people want to go east, we mostly fly on Northwest. Northwest has one of the oldest fleets in the US and fly some of the oldest to GTF. I think about that everytime that I fly but I trust the maitenence crew in MSP and GTF enough to not worry about that. I recently flew from GTF-MSP-DCA and back. The GTF-MSP flight was unevenful as was MSP-DCA. The DCA-MSP flight was one of the worst that I have been on. This was an afternoon flight that consisted of a "dinner." We were served a sandwich no bigger than a typical dinner glass consistion of two pieces of pepperoni and a slice of green pepper. It looked like someone had taken a pepper and put a carrot peeler to it. Then, they gave us a limp little slice. I later took my headphones and plugged it into the flight radio system. I actually found music. The flight attendent asked me if I could hear anything because they hadn't had headphone on any of thier 757s for some years. The MSP-GTF was on one of the oldest DC-9-14s in the Northwest fleet. That flight was delayed because of mechanical problems which really didn't shock me because of that aircraft. My advise for Northwest, buy and fly some NEW aircraft into GTF and everywhere. Also, improve inflight entertainment on long flights. Also, provide a REAL meal for any flight longer that 1.5 hours. Brian
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 4:50 am

I have not yet flown NW, but since I work for Continental and we have that great pass program I plan on doing it soon. Several people I work with have flown NW several times from DFW to DTW and said you guys were very professional and friendly. They also said that you guys had great coffee! Anyway, I look forward to flying NW!
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 5:45 am

I have yet to fly NW, but I do like the way they have held on to many of its traditions, such as the red tail and the "U.S. Air Mail" pilot wings. Also, don't get rid of the "Baby Nines". I'd take one of those over being cooped up in a regional jet any day. They're the only airliner I've flown in where it actually feels like you're in an airplane. The rest ride like a Greyhound bus.

RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 5:51 am

I have flown Northwest in 1998, from Montreal (Qc, Canada) to Washington (D.C., USA) with a stop at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

For the flight Montreal-Detroit, I have flow Mesaba Airlines (NWAirlink) and it was a brand new Avro RJ-85. Very good flight.

For the rest, it was a very clean A320 and I liked it a lot.

I've had a good and friendly service at the airports and in flight too. I would certainly fly NWA again.


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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 6:17 am

The only problems I have with NW is their baggage service through Memphis.
I have flown through memphis at least 10 times the last 2 years (jax-mem-msp) and my mother flies from Birmingham, AL to MSP through memphis and it isnt unusual to get to msp and find your luggage didnt arrive,
I have only recieved my luggage about 60% of the time going through mem.
going through detroit though is another story where your luggage usually gets there before you, which I have never seen before.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 6:23 am

SEA nw DC10:

Thanks for opening your self for this one! Please keep in mind I am not yelling at you, just at NWA!

I often travel DTW-LAS, I usually take a charter with Sun Country (SY) or if I have to I'll take my life into my hands with Champion Air (MG) [another NWA affiliate, I had a flight when the APU had an uncontained failure, MG said it never happened, the crash tending crews said it did.] I often have no alternative but to take NWA due to strict scheduling, it's always on a 757, their is no meal either way! The flight back is in NWA's opinion a "red eye" as it arrives at 23:00, I guess they forgot that a flight from LAS leaves at 15:00PST, Dinner should be served! I recieved worse service than on a charter flight with the same cramped seat at a high price! I have no idea why a flight that leaves DTW at 06:00 dosen't deserve a breakfast! I found the flight postively miserable, the cabin crew was unhelpful, (I didn't know why, they only made one drink pass) the aircraft is usually not just dirty, I mean FILTHY and the scheduled flight time is longer than on the charters! If I'm gonna buy a normal ticket I want a seat assignment, none of this at the gate; that IS charter air stuff. I'm sorry, I have to say that I tolerate NWA and DTW, I don't enjoy any NWA flight, they are all on old aircraft that all need interior refits, don't serve meals on cross country flights and don't give me a good price! I'll take Sun Country, ATA (I don't care for the livery), or Champion Air in a pinch. When I pay $99.00 for a round trip all I expect is an aircraft that will take off and land in one piece. I don't expect meals (though there is usually something) I don't expect helpful flight staff (they usually are, the people that don't get taken by the big ones work for the charter companies, they are really friendly, not the fake smile and universal answer of "I'm sorry" we expect but a gracious smile and a friendly greeting). Traveling charter air is the best little trick I've found! Tell NWA that they have to get newer aircraft (or at least redo the interiors), and make their people happy so they can be happy to the passengers!

Sorry guys, I just had to vent!


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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 7:02 am

Lost my luggage once on A flight from PIT to Detroit on a RJ85 but thankfully I got it back two days later but I had to rent a suit for a meeting. They really helped me at the gate so I think NWA has the 2nd best service for a us airline. Cape Air being the best service.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 10:03 am

My experience of Northwest is limited to a weekend, although 'limited' may not be true cos it included three trans-Atlantic crossings and a transcontinental flight as well. I flew to Boston on the Friday (dep LGW 1100 arr BOS 1300), which I mentioned on another thread here the other day ('Have You Ever Had A 747 To Yourself?') - it was a really good flight due to the fact that there were about twenty people on board. It's nice to have a centre section of four to yourself to lie on but three by the window is a very rare treat. I slept with my head on the outboard armrest for a few hours, and when I woke up, I only had to rearrange my head on the pillow slightly to watch the glaciers of Greenland slide past. Aw, it was pretty spesh, I can tell you. I remember that the cabin crew only did a drinks service with each of the two meals - the rest of the time you had to go to the galleys which were kind of like bars in as much as there was a fitted bar surface between the two (forward and rear) halves of the galley (where there would normally be a cross-aisle type thing) and you had to walk up and ask one of the flight attendents inside the galley (it looked more like a hutch to me) for a Coke or whatever. Call bells were completely ignored. Landing was fun, the weather was appalling and the captain warned us we would do a low pass and if we couldn't land we'd go to JFK. My travelling companion is not a good flier and kept tapping on the glass (on the other side of which was boiling black cloud) and saying, "There could be another plane right out there." Cheers.

Left Boston Saturday night (2130) and arrived back at Gatwick in darkness at 0730. That flight was good up until I opened the airsickness bag as my food arrived, since I use them to put all the wrappings etc in. Unfortunately someone had actually used it on the previous flight to throw up in (just a little). My meal went back untouched, bleugh. Other than that it was a good flight in a really old plane, fast too - four hours fifty BOS-LGW. On arrival I went out to the long-term carpark, unloaded my winter stuff and went straight back into the terminal to check in for the Minneapolis flight (dep about 1100) - final destination LA. It was pretty funny cos I was asked the security questions and had my hand-luggage searched by the same security guard who had seen me onto a trans-Atlantic (Boston) flight the morning before last. This caused quite a stir, although not sufficiently to get me upgraded to Business Class (which had been my aim, and I think, my right, hoho). So I was back on the SAME PLANE that I had flown from Boston in, taxiing out again. I was asleep before we reached the runway, and woke up in mid flight with my head almost on the shoulder of a US Marine sitting next to me. Gross. The rest of the flight was really nice as we flew due south towards Minneapolis, all the farms and towns covered in snow, then a flight right past the city and onto the runway. It looks like a really nice city, good place for a hub. Anyway, the final leg to LAX was on a brand-new A320, completely different character to the trans-Atlantic fleet of 20 year-old 747-100s. Perfect flight in all respects except it was my first ever non-smoking flight and I felt a bit dizzy by the time we landed in LA just after dark. (Then I left LA at 11.30 pm on United's nonstop 747-400 to Sydney, which was a great flight in as much as I slept thirteen of the fifteen hours.)

I had a great adventure with Northwest. The 747 Classic is my favourite plane so to fly three trans-Atlantic flights in three days was really cool. If only US carriers were allowed jump seat riders for civilians, still, excellent airline.
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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Sat Nov 13, 1999 11:59 am

I love Northwest, even though it is tough to stay away from them in MSP. I was more impressed with your World Business Class than I was by your First Class. I flew WBC MSP-NRT and it was a real treat. Great Food, comfortable seat, good in-flight entertainment,and flight attendants who constantly came by with drinks and snacks. The F/C return via LAX was spoiled a bit by a surly F/A NRT-LAX in the upper deck, but good service prevailed on the full DC-10 back to MSP. Also, the breakfast a la carte has impressed me when I travel to DFW and MSY. I'm flying them to BOS for Thanksgiving, too.

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RE: Rate My Airline...NWA

Tue Nov 16, 1999 4:19 am

I've enjoyed all the flights I've taken with Northwest. Good service, nice and clean planes, friendly and helpful F/As, luggage arrived with me, and the connections through Detroit and Minneapolis are pretty simple. No complaints here.  

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