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How Do Gate Assignments Work?

Thu Jan 23, 2003 9:39 am

Note: this question is aimed more at international airports with large airline hubs, eg BA at Heathrow, SQ at Singapore, MH at KLIA, CX at HKG etc. rather than American airports which tend to segregate airlines into terminals.

My question is basically how gates are assigned, and by who. I assume it would be the appropriate department of the airport authority. But for those airlines which have large hub operations, eg CX occupy a lot of gates at HKIA at any one time, as is the case for SQ, would it not be easier just to give CX a block of gates and tell them to sort it out themselves. The reason I ask is that I notice the USA afternoon flights and the UK evening flights almost always depart from their preferred gates, making me wonder if CX plays a role in getting gate assignments for aircraft.

Any answers would be appreciated!
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RE: How Do Gate Assignments Work?

Thu Jan 23, 2003 7:59 pm

I remember hearing something about CX negotiation all the closest gates to the terminal at CLK so their passengers don't have to walk as far. As to how those gates are utilised and who does it, I don't know.