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Airlines Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyers

Thu Jan 23, 2003 3:59 pm


In recent days/weeks, I've heard that American, Continental, Delta, and America West are hiring bankruptcy lawyers.

Could all of these carriers, including UAL and USAir all be in bankruptcy at once?


PS-Looks like I may have to stay in the freight business forever.
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RE: Airlines Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyers

Thu Jan 23, 2003 4:37 pm

yes, AA is hiring the lawyers for now, bankruptcy is still a little ways off but if nothing change, we all know it is imminent. We aren't nearly as hurt as UAL but as everyone knows, bankruptcy is a possiblitity for many airlines now.
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RE: Airlines Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyers

Wed Jan 29, 2003 1:13 pm

I doubt that United and USAirways will be the only airlines to file chapter 11. People are looking at the "now" situation way too closely. They think that AA is better off than UA because they are not in chapter 11. AA is in as much trouble as UA was, but is able to stave off chapter 11 longer than UA, because they had more cash on hand. Now, AA is doing what UA did over the summer, asking for concessions (apparently in vain, considering what the unions are saying), and hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

Believe me, I do not want American to file chapter 11, even though I am a United brat, because even though chapter 11 is saving United from an untimely death, it is a very harsh process. We are losing thousands of employees, losing one of our famed Trans Pacific routes (Los Angeles - Auckland), and will be losing many, if not all, of our mighty 747-400s, as well as many of the 737s and all of the 767-200s. We won't be the huge almighty superpower we were in the mid 1990s, but we will still be there.

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RE: Airlines Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyers

Wed Jan 29, 2003 2:17 pm

If there is a war with Iraq, I think some of these airlines will be putting these bankruptcy lawyers to use.