Flying solo

Mon Dec 21, 1998 2:32 pm

Does anyone know how it is that someone is able to fly a plane like a gulfstream or other executive stlye jet that is supposed to require two person crew by themselves.Also can anyone tell me roughly how long it usuallytakes to go from learning the basics of flying to being able to fly such jets alone.

RE: Flying solo

Mon Dec 21, 1998 2:47 pm

Abou the 2 place crew they probably are recommend 2 place or for commercail use 2 place. But for private people they can fly them on there own. There really is not to much to do if you have a very organized cockpit.
And about 0-jet. In hours around 600 hundred I would guess but not many people wil hire you to fly a jet till around 1500. And airliners a buddy of mine did it in 18 months 0-757. Not Bad.
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RE: Flying solo

Tue Dec 22, 1998 5:48 am

How's it going? To be able to fly a Jet such as the ones you mentioned, you have to earn the following ratings:Private, Instrument, Multi-engine, Commmercial (for passengers), and then a type rating if the plane weighs over 12,500 lbs.
My guess would be a few years before you can fly one.

You can fly a lot of those jets alone. Some do require a second-in-command pilot for instrument conditions. Some also require a certain amount of hours in that type of aircraft before flying it solo.
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