Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sat Nov 13, 1999 8:32 pm

I would like to know what you, the public, thinks about my airline, American. Anything and everything is ok - but I am looking for personal experiences that lead you to believe what you believe. Just making my own little decision here....

Thanks :
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sat Nov 13, 1999 8:55 pm

i have flown with American Airlines some years ago when they were in Munich. Now they just have some european destinations and other airlines have nonstop flight to the US from here. I hope that the service of American is as good as some years ago because it was very good. I think American shoul start more nonstop flights to europe.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sat Nov 13, 1999 9:33 pm

I like American. It is the airline I fly almost every time I fly to and around the US. I always find the FAs are really nice and helpful. I flew one of the new 777s form ord-LHR and really enjoyed the flight. The plane was so nice! I flew business class and I think the video screens built inot the seat are much better then the personal video players that are given out of the 767s. My one complaint is with the in-flight intertainment. On my 777 flight, all the movies and tv shows were shown once and never replayed. This meant that after about 3 hours I couldn't watch a movie or anything else. All of the in-flight movies should be repeated so you can watch something util you land.

RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 12:45 am

I’m very pleased with AA, and find AAadvantage to be especially rewarding. Am glad to see them finally posing a real challenge to United.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 1:10 am

There we are! People like me who like American Airlines. It's the best airline in America.
It's the airline I have flown the most within the last eleven years of my life. That's what I always fly when I fly transatlantic, always 767. When I started flying with them, I had a very good impression of this airline: professionalism. On a flight from New York JFK to Paris, I was travelling First Class and one of the pilots was sitting next to me so I started talking to him and he finally gave me the Boeing 767's aircraft manual. I was interested to learn about the airline and the aircraft. That's one thing.
Another thing which I notice on every flight is the warmth and friendliness of the flight attendants. They are always there to assist you should you need something. I got upgraded quite a few times to First Class by the agents. I felt there the real professionalism of the service on board.
American is a very good and a serious airline. They are safe (always a good safety record, right?), reliable and they have always been financially stable. They are redoing their interiors which I assume you know. They are replacing the brown seats with dark blue seats full of amenities. I recently flew on a 777 from Dallas to Chicago and I liked the aircraft very much: gray and silver fuselage outside (of course, that's how it's always been but I mention it anyway) and it had the new interiors: blue seats and gray carpets on the walls separating the cabin sections and white walls around the windows. They have on the 777 Personal TV's on every seat, even in economy! They are showing on a moving map display the progress of the aircraft along with some flight info. Very entertaining! But it would be nice if they had that on their 767's as well. I think they should consider showing that on all other long haul aircrafts, at least on the 767.
I'm very happy with American.

Ben Soriano
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Ben Soriano

RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 3:22 am

I fly American regularly, about 50,000-100,000 miles a year, and I have been for all 18 (almost 19) years of my life. In that time, I have yet to encounter a rude flight attendant or to have any major problems that wouldn't be expected as a pass traveler. Sure, there have been some delayed flights, a few cancellations, but they always handle the situations well and leave a very favorable impression. In all of my travels, American has not lost a bag of mine. I can think of only one time that my bag didn't arrive with me, and it was because I planned a connection in LAX for myself that was too tight. When my bag got to Indianapolis in the afternoon, though, they had it sent up to Purdue for me and it was waiting at my apartment when I got back from class.

I really like to see what American is doing now, in their attempt to become the world's leading airline, and I hope they succeed. For decades, American has been looked to as a leader in the industry, as an innovator, and as an example of how things have been done. If you don't believe me, look at their innovations and decide for yourself if other airlines look to American's innovations... Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) and Yield management - American debuted Sabre years before anyone else had a sophisticated computer system to handle this job, and even though all of the airlines use these now, Sabre remains the largest CRS in the world. Frequent flier programs - American Introduced the AAdvantage program well before anyone else introduced theirs, and now you can't even name a major airline that doesn't have one. Further, American continues to innovate with AAdvantage, as the first airline to expand the program beyond air travel, giving miles for everything from buying a car to buying stocks to getting a mortgage to charging anything on a credit card.

One last point, and this doesn't really affect the passenger I guess, but American is a good company. They do a lot to help the community, including building Give Kids The World Village in Orlando and being named just this week as one of the largest supporters of the Make a Wish Foundation. They are also active with the Susan G. Komen foundation, a breast cancer research charity, and with other community benefiting groups.

To anyone who hasn't yet flown with American, I reccommend that you take the opportunity to do so. They are an excellent airline with service quality that won't be matched in this country. From friendly employees to great aircraft to revolutionary innovations, American has led the way in air travel and will continue to do so. (Especially now that AA and the APA are getting along!)
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 8:09 am

I like flying AA though they lost my luggage on my last trip,had an aircraft malfunction (MD80 toilet was leaking blue liquid outside of the aircraft,this is the 2nd time,this same incident,same plane has happened to me),and missed connections. Buy hey,this is norm in flying today (that is sad,but thats another post). The employees were helpful,and pilots volunteered extra information regarding the progress of the flights. And yeah,I fly them for the miles,I am a Mileage junky.

One thing AA needs to change is the DFW terminal complex. AA is spending big bucks in JFK and Miami on new terminals and concourses. They need to do the same at DFW. I have flown through DFW for at least 20 years,I know the place like the back of my hand,however (maybe I am getting old)I have noticed that Terminal A to C jaunt is a little,no very long! Why not go ahead with the 500 million dollar E terminal that was planned back in the 80s? Buy the Delta Hangars from DL,tear them down and build an infield terminal (ala Northwest airlines in Detroit) there. It would be on the same road that will pass the new consolidated rental car area. Just a thought.

DFW passenger number went down compared to last year,and it could be that people are also tired of taking buses to regional aircraft. Come on AA,that is getting old. We live in an age when the regional partner should haver their own terminal too. It takes 30 minutes to fly AA Eagle from my hometown to DFW,yet it takes 15 minutes taxiing(DFW is big,really big),and another 15 minutes to deplane and take the bus to the terminal! Come on AA,you can do better than this. Especially when the competitior ASA has its own terminal in E.

Yet,AA is still my favorite airline.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 8:22 am

I have flown with AA a couple of times and must say that I'm truly impressed with their high level of service. I can't say that they rival the European's but as far as America is concerned, they are definitely the best.

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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 8:49 am

I agree with you, William - DFW is not a fun airport to fly through. I normally avoid DFW at all costs. For example, in my many trips between San Diego and Indianapolis since I have started college, I have flown between Indianapolis and Chicago many times, but have taken only one flight between DFW and IND, and only then because the Eagles were full all day from Chicago. Last month, I was at DFW a few times, once en route SAN-SDF (louisville, KY), and twice on a trip to Dallas. I will say that the more I go there, the less I hate it. However, I agree that the terminals are way to big - the walk from A to C is as bad as the United tunnel in Chicago! Now that they use a third terminal, even the TrAAm takes a long time. I would love to see them make a major capital investment at DFW, but until they do, I will continue scheduling my connections through other hubs.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 9:56 am


I am from Argentina and had the chance to fly American for the first time three weeks ago (EZE-JFK-EZE, economy). Unlike its advertising slogan here in South America (Everthing is special) my impression was that nothing is special. Two things caught my attention, one is that service is not consistent which means that some FAs were really nice and helpful on passenger request and others had a lack of minimum customer service and were even rude to some non englishspeaking passengers doing requests. The other is linked to the breakfast service, the coffee is served on plastic cup (like the ones found on vending machines). This is the first time I see this on any airline.

There is a very large difference with other Oneworld partners like BA.

RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 10:02 am

They served coffee in plastic cups? I don't think I've ever seen that before. On every flight I have taken, coffee and hot tea have been served in styrofoam coffee cups.

RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 12:06 pm

AAdvantige has been a nightmare for me. It is almost 3 months that I've been trying to get milage from my flight on British Airways, and every time I've talked to the reps on the phone I got different answer/instruction/explenation.

Very dissapointing.

I fly AA on US domestic routes on all of mine business trips, and I've been satisfied with service; flight attendants sometimes come across as catholic school nuns with ruller in the hand, but I personally never had the problem with any of them. They definately have room for improvement in cabin service (take same flight by United Airlines, and you'll know it).

But airplains are wonderful, and I hope they keep current paint scheme forever; the airline is safe, punctual, and the airport services are great as well.

Last saturday afternoon I flew on F100 flight 1043 (Logan - O'Hare) with 14 passangers on board. Now, that was nice   FO made a mistake on take-off announcement calling crew to prepare for landing, but the rest of the flight was perfect.
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Depends On What You Think Of My Airline..

Sun Nov 14, 1999 2:49 pm

Just kidding. I work for NWA and flew AA a couple weeks ago for the first time. It's a good airline, although some of the flight attendants were sorta stuffy. But we have those here at NWA too. It was from SJC to SEA and back, I should probably get on a longer flight to really experience AA. Anyways, good job.

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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 2:52 pm

i love AA!! they serve the caribbean, the service is very good, the planes are comfortable, and I just love the Airline overall...

I want to be a pilot for them....
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Sun Nov 14, 1999 2:55 pm

my only complaint is i have never flowen them befor. they dont come to Sioux Falls, SD(FSD). i know from what i have heard, they would be a good airline to fly with!
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 3:17 am

I fly American quite a bit, since the bulk of my travels begin or end at DFW.

I am of the opinion that practically all airlines are selling you tansportation from point A to point B. That being the case, I generally am more concerned with value than some sort of luxury experience.

My first choice is always American's competitor over at "the other airport" in Dallas, ie Southwest at Love Field. If they don;t go where I need to go, my next call is to AA.

I have had fewer bad experiences on AA than on the other majors. I will not fly DL under any circumstances, and CO (despite a lot of protests the contrary) I have just not found to be very pleasant or cordial.

The best analogy I can make about AA is to compare them to McDonald's. It might not be great, but you know what you are going to get and it is pretty much the same from one end of the country to the other. This is true I used to take the flight from DFW-LGW-DFW pretty frequently in order to connect with BA at LHR on in to Kuwait City.

I really find the coach compartment pretty bad on the MD80s and 727s in terms of available space, though. The extra inch or two of legroom that WN gives you, usually at a lower much appreciated by a tall guy like me.

American's employees occasionally seem to really hate management and take it out on the passenger, I wish that would change. It's not universal throughout the company, however.

Just a few comments,

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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 4:55 am

I flew American on some domestic sectors, like JFK-ORD and ORD-DFW. The flights are OK but the meal-service (if any) is quite minimal. On flights of more than an hour, I'd appreciate more than a tiny bag of nuts... Often you don't have the time to take a snack on the airport. United and Continental were better (but TWA and US Airways were worse) on meals and beverages.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 5:14 am

American Airlines for me is the worst airline I have ever flown. Best service they gave me was when I was making reservation over the phone. I have very bad experience with them. Rude service from clerks at ticket counter, rude in-flight service. Because of them I had to spend 16hrs at JFK waiting for flight. They didnt appology or anything. I never had that many problems with any other airlines.
Well, it was last time they saw me on board on American Airlines.

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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 9:45 am

Everything has always gone well for me when flying American. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.
OK, you all made your point. That's good. But I've got a few things to say:
To MEA-707: you seem to be complaining about the meal service. In my opinion, a bag of peanuts or pretzels with a drink is enough if the flight is less than two hours.
To Lindy: why do you hate so much American? You found the flight attendants to be rude on just one flight, and you don't want to fly with them anypore. Oh come on! Don't be so negative. You haven't flown enough with them to have a positive opinion about them. Fly with them once more and you'll be convinced how good they are. Trust me.
Compare American with other major carriers such as TWA and Northwest, you'll see.

Other than that thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I'm glad most of you made positive comments about American.

Ben Soriano
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Ben Soriano
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Mon Nov 15, 1999 10:49 am

Hey Tex,been a while since I have seen your posts,been out of town?

How do you like SWA's new 737-700s?
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 11:43 am

I have flown American many times in my life. I would have to say that most of those flights are enjoyable. however, there have been some times when i have met with less than perfect service. Sometimes, at the ticket counter, when i request a seat change, they act like it is an inconvienience to them ("i can't believe it, some one want to get a certain seat, and for MONEY, damn people") This has happened on more than occassion. But, they are far better than say, southwest. But i guess you get what you pay for. I haven't flown them in the past year, mainly because i'm beginning to hate DFW. I hate taking buses from regionals(i fly from CLL) to the terminal, i usually pick Continental, because the planes park close to the terminal, and i can walk there. I wish A Eagle would get the hint and built a terminal for props, they would have a lot more custormers from regionals. Overall, they are a good airline, consistant in-flight service and i wouldn't hesitate to fly them; Delta is another story...................
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 12:23 pm

of all the expieriences I have had with them, they have all been excellent
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 12:38 pm

American airlines is a great airline to fly. I like the fleet of aircraft. I wish they would fly back to YWG. I miss them alot! Will they fly back to YWG?
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 2:15 pm

I have only flown on American a few times, as they don't serve Cincinnati very extensively, but I guess first impressions are the best way to rate something. Anyway, on the plane, I think American has first rate service. However, of the 3 or 4 trips when I flew American, only one was not delayed or canceled. Also they gave me some trouble with my aadvantage miles when they canceled my flight once, and werent extremely helpful in finding me another. I know these are probably rare occurances, but thought you would like to know. Also, their hubs (Dallas/Ft. Worth and Chicago) are sort of big hassles to fly into or out of. In general, if they treated me as well on the ground as in the aircraft, I would fly them almost every time I could.
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RE: Rate MY AIRLINE: American Airlines

Mon Nov 15, 1999 9:39 pm

I hate them! The bumped me and my dad more than once. I was waiting for 8 hours before he came in on UNITED not American. He was supposed to come from daytona but he rented a car, drove to Orlando and got on a united plane. Luckly United saved the day.

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American 767

Tue Nov 16, 1999 1:37 am


It was my second time with AA.
I almost lost my job because of them! I was coming from BRU and at JFK we were on time, but when I got to AA gate (yes, I was runing with my two suitcases and handbag) they refused me to go on that flight. They said that is 5 minutes to departure and they tought that I'm not gonna show up so they had somebody already on my seat!!!!!! They said that I will be the first passenger on morning flight to DC. So I was waiting the whole night at JFK. Next morning they refused me to go on that first flight AGAIN, that flight was FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those suckers LIED to me!!!!!! They should tell me that. Actually, if I knew that was going to happen I would have taken a cab to Penn Station and take a train that night. I almost got fired. I was so upset.
I'm not gonna fly with them again.

PS- I came to JFK from BRU on Sabena A340, that was very nice flight with very nice service!

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Tue Nov 16, 1999 3:26 am


I've Been an AA JFK based flight attendant for sometime and never remember any JFK-ORD flights..... sorry. We just dont do that. Also, AA spends more money on food than anyother airline in the US. Thats a fact. It is exceedingly rare to not get a meal on American, I cant even remember the last time I worked a flight day or night that we didnt offer some kind of meal. I think you must have AA and Delta confused. Dont get me wrong, I love Delta, I was even a Plat. Medalion on them before I started to work at AA, but hardly ever saw a meal other than the SkyDeli.

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