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Democracy In Action: Write To The TSA

Sun Jan 26, 2003 6:57 am

After today's announcement by the FAA, that the TSA is entitled to suspend or revoke pilots licences (among other licences) for activity deemed suspicious, why not go to the TSA website and ask for confirmation of what constitutes suspicious activity; potentially, licences could be revokes (and livelihoods destroyed) for activity which doesn't pose a threat, but which is deemed suspicious.

This could include "spotting" or photography. It is very important that the law is not vague. Vagueness in law is the first step towards loss of respect for it, because it can be interpreted as loosely as people wish, denying rights. You have the power to challenge this and you have the way to do it: go to the TSA site and, very respectfully, setting out your concerns and arguments, explain that the TSA has nothing to fear for aviation photography and that an interest in aviation should not be suppressed.