UN Stops Ariana Flying

Sun Nov 14, 1999 1:51 pm

I have just seen on BBC that Ariana will stop operations because of the sanctions to be imposed on Afghanistan by the United Nations. Why has Ariana been forced to stop international operations while other countries under sanctions are allowed to keep the national carriers going. Is this sanction more strict than previous sanctions. For example Iran air flew during sanctions and continues to fly. MEA of Lebanon flew, Libyan Arab Airlines flew domestically and is now allowed to fly internationally, I remember that JAT of yugoslavia flew while sanctions were imposed. I am not sure about Iraq Airways does anyone else know?

While Ariana is indeed run by the current regime in Afghanistan i am sure it is not making a profit thus not helping their war effort which the UN wants to inhibit, Ariana primarily serves the people of Afghanistan how is stopping them flying going to solve anything. Ariana flew during 21 years of civil war in Afghanistan, I find it dissapointing that this airline should end in this way. Maybe they will fly later on after probably another bloody revolution as political change in Afghanistan is never smooth.

But away from politics does anyone know what will happen to Ariana 727's. The BBC report mentioned that Ariana used to fly to many European, Middle Eastern and Asian destinations, was this recently or a long time ago with prop aircraft?