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Is AF Phasing Out The B747?

Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:33 pm

I was looking at the Air France corporate page in connection with the perplexing aircraft thread, and when I went into the fleet pages, this statement jumped out at me:

The resounding success of the Paris-CDG2 hub and its forecast development have led Air France to focus its fleet expansion on:

  • very long-range aircraft such as the Airbus A340-300, B777-200 and shortly the A330-200.

  • the Airbus medium-haul family of aircraft (A319, A320, A32) and from 2004 onwards the A318. These medium-haul aircraft will be flown by the same crews and serviced by the same maintenance technicians.

  • Nearly three quarters of investments over the next five years have been allocated to upgrading and rationalizing the fleet. Aircraft types will be limited in order to increase profitability and give greater scheduling flexibility.

    This leads to my question, AF make no mention of the 747 on any of their pages other than the fact that they have some and you can look at the layout. Are they going to be phasing these out over the next few years as the fleet gets updated?

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    RE: Is AF Phasing Oout The B747?

    Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:37 pm

    AFAIK, the planes are as follows:

    744: will be replaced on "business" routes (Americas, Asia, Africa) by 773 as soon as they come online; will be rescheduled on "leisure" routes to the West Indies, Indian Ocean, Tahiti etc.

    742/743: will be withdrawn and replaced by the 744 on most of the currently served "leisure" routes. Concerning "business" routes, they are likely to be replaced by the 772 (as has been the case for a couple of yeras now) and the 773.

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    RE: Is AF Phasing Out The B747?

    Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:44 pm

    Does that mean by the summer of 2005 we'll be seeing AF 777-300ER's at SFO and A340-300's/777-200ER's during the winter season?  Smile