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Easyjet In Trouble Again- BA And ASA Not Impressed

Thu Jan 30, 2003 1:12 am

Pretty funny stuff by easyjet, but not very 'fare'!!! Big grin

Watchdog blasts air 'con' advert

By Ananova

EasyJet has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for claiming rival British Airways had "conned" passengers over cheap flights.

In newspaper adverts easyJet said BA had used "trickery" in promoting its low-cost fares.

Under the headline "Low fares needn't BA con", easyJet claimed its rival's prices could not be compared with its low prices for flights on routes to the same European destinations.

The advert, in the form of a letter to passengers, stated: "The Con: BA claim flying to centrally located airports is unique to them. The Fact: all easyJet airports are centrally located.

"The Con: BA proudly claim to offer 50,000 so called low fares every month. The Fact: at easyJet, Europe's Number 1 Low Cost Airline, low fares are a way of life."

A "PS" at the end of the advert added: "We are campaigning for BA's chairman, Rob Eddington, to change his email address to rob.everyone@ba.con!!!"

The advert led to 25 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from members of the public who said it "unfairly denigrated BA's business and staff by misleadingly implying that BA's fares were a con."

EasyJet say they used the word "con" because claims of benefits from BA were nothing of the sort when compared to its prices.

The ASA says the words "con", "trickery" and "rob" suggested "dishonesty" and "went beyond what was acceptable in competitive advertising".

The watchdog dismissed a second area of complaint that easyJet had misleadingly compared prices because BA's fares were often cheaper for the times consumers wanted to travel.

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 Big thumbs up

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RE: Easyjet In Trouble Again- BA And ASA Not Impressed

Thu Jan 30, 2003 1:52 am

Thats right, Easyjets low fares are not always the cheapest and yet they are this supposed low fare airline??? If you want to play the game you have to make sure you are holding a full deck and easyjet lost this one, better luck next time!
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RE: Easyjet In Trouble Again- BA And ASA Not Impre

Thu Jan 30, 2003 6:07 am

And I know it was a pun, but please, it's Rod Eddington, not Rob.