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Bwia Contract Delta To Service 737 Fleet

Sun Feb 02, 2003 9:05 pm

BWIA has a new business plan in which the 737 heavy maintence will be contracted to Delta until a new Technical Centre is established. As most already know BWIA will begin serving Havana Santo Domingo and Costa Rica this year. Trinidad is expected to be upgraded to cat 1 by the middle of this year. Major route improvements will be seen in 2004 once cat 1 has be attain which will an 4 time weekly service to Florida between caribbean points JFK will se the reintroduction of flights 428 429 from Antigua 3 times weekly YYZ will see 2 additional weekly services from the caribbean bring total to 11 flights per week... BWIA would also want to commence service to Atlanta and Boston.... BWIA is also looking to reduce the burensome infrastructure that has been built up by the 32 years of state owner ship which seems to be there more than 8 years after privatisation.

Apparently the 737 and 340 have been chosen as the equipement for the airline by their international experts and BWIA . There is also talk of getting lower lease rates and out sourcing ramp operations at Piarco. They are also looking at getting secured fuel prices at Piarco

In the report the airline want to get seat cost US$0.8 which is US$0.05 more than Southwest. Fleet rationalisation has been acheived basically as the airline only operates 3 types L1011 (1),737-800 (7) and 340-300 (1), This would be down to 2 as the L1011 is schedule to bout of the fleet by the end of the first quater .

For all you BWIA fans lets hope that Aleong and his team can pull this off again but it seems that with war moving from a great possibility to anyday now from Feb 5th that recivery may not be as easy as it seems in this plan

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