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How Many Airplanes Are There?

Mon Nov 15, 1999 5:11 pm

Some days ago i posted a question on the number of airplanes in the world (below). The letter was read 54 times, but I got only one (1) answer (below). Is this a sign of the answer being correct or a sign of the question being to difficult???/jan

The question: As a fullfledged aviation amateur I would like to know if there are any intelligent estimates of the numer of commercial airliners (airplanes), cargo and passenger, actually in work. Maybe there are estimates of other groups of aircraft too???

The answr: I think there are about 18,400 planes out there. I looked in an airliner census done by Flight International and added up all the numbers of each type of plane. I didn't include Russian Built jets, but there are about 2000 of those. Hope this helps.
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RE: How Many Airplanes Are There?

Mon Nov 15, 1999 10:34 pm

It depends on which planes you count. Jets only? All aircraft (prop and jet) able to carry 19+ peope? In that case you'll exceed the 20.000 mark easily. Maybe the JP or another airline-fleets book is the best help. There are way over 2000 Russian-built aircraft, even jets only, in service. About 500 Tu 154s and 500 Il-76s, 150 Il-62s, 80 Il-86s, 400 Tu-134s, 600 Yak-40s, 200 Yak-42s. You can check the service-status of many major airliners on the site http://people.a2000.nl/sverb
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