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Found: Missing Lear Jet

Tue Nov 16, 1999 5:28 am

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and discovered that a missing Lear Jet that had been missing for 1052 days (almost 3 years) was found in New Hampshire. The plane crashed on approach to Lebanon Airport it was suspected to have crashed into a hill close to the airport. Here is a web page describing the search effort that had been underway for the past few years.

My question is how often does this happen where a Small Jet crashes on land and is not found, or is found years later. It surprises me that it took so long to find the aircraft,with the given information to where the aircraft was lost located before it crashed. By the way the pilots remains were found 20 feet from the burnt aircraft, also the black boxes were found and were going to be analized. Would the information still be stored on the tapes after setting in the forest for almost three years?


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RE: Found: Missing Lear Jet

Tue Nov 16, 1999 5:47 am

The biggest contributing cause for the delay in finding it was the absence of an ELT on this Lear Jet. The area where the plane was finally found (quite by accident, by a Fish & Game Official) was searched by air several times. Great that they finally found the plane, but had it been properly equipped with the ELT it would have been found much sooner. Granted, there are no laws saying that this should be so, but hindsight is always 20-20.
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RE: Found: Missing Lear Jet

Tue Nov 16, 1999 8:02 am

Thank god! I'm glad they finally found it... are there any news stories on it, the discovery?

- Neil Harrison

RE: Found: Missing Lear Jet

Wed Nov 17, 1999 4:05 am

ELT's aren't foolproof. In fact this airplane would have been legally required to have one. It has been mentioned this airplaned burned. There have been a couple of small airplanes that went in during winter burned and wheren't found untill the following spring because the ELT went up in the fire. They also don't work too well if they end up in the water.

There has been longer missing airplanes. A Grumman Goose that belonged to the US. Fish and Wildlife service went missing for thirty years before it was found. That was before ELT's where required. But just recently they found and aircraft after 14 years that went into the side of a mountain pass. In both of these searchs the route of the aircraft was known and eventually they where both found pretty close to where they where supposed to be.