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Ketchikan, AK Airport Deficient

Thu Feb 06, 2003 1:32 am

Note the linked article regarding Ketchikan AK, Airport, and their problems from their latest annual FAR 139 Certification Inspection:

According to the inspection, the airport had deficiencies in:
1) unsatisfactory runway and taxiway markings
2) inadequate snow equipment maintenance
3) inadequate aviation communication
4) inadequate training
5) no training records
6) lack of an ACM
7) critical employee levels

For those who may not know, every US airport that holds an FAR Part 139 Airport Operating Certificate undergoes an annual inspection by the FAA. That inspectiuon covers pavement markings, perimeter security, wildlife control, snow removal equipment and procedures, obstructions to airspace, ARFF training record and fire truck maintenance records, FBO compliances, completeness and accuracy of the airport's Airport Certification Manual, etc.
We've had 15 annual inspections by the FAA of MSY since I've been here, we've never had a problem with any of these.

Continued deficiencies such as those listed above puts the airport's Operating Certificate in jeopardy, which, if left uncorrected, may mean the airport closes down until those corrections are made.

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