New York Air

Tue Dec 22, 1998 9:17 am

Hi all..

I am painting a NYA DC-9 (circa 1987) now for Micro$oft Flight Simulator, and on the reference pics that I have the tips of the wings appear to be red. They appear to be colored like this on both sides. Unfortunately, all of my pics are pretty much straight from the side so I cant see much else of the wings.. My question: Does anyone know if or what parts of the wing were painted red? Was I seeing things?

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Steve Kempf
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RE: New York Air

Tue Dec 22, 1998 9:31 am

I am looking at some pretty good New York Air shots and the MD-80's appear to have standard paint on the wings (Bare metal on the leading and trailing edges and light gray in the middle) I see no red. However, I have two pretty good shots of the New York Air DC-9-30's and they both appear to have the same wing paint as the md-80, but one of them has red on the very tip. The other does not. sorry, can't see tail numbers.
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RE: New York Air

Tue Dec 22, 1998 10:28 am

NewYork Air had bare metal on the wings of all of their DC-9 and MD-80 aircraft. What you are seeing is a visual illusion created by the red on the fusulage reflecting off the wing. The red on the tip of the wing is probably just the navigation light.