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Yyz - Syd

Thu Nov 18, 1999 3:21 am

Most of my travelling is done domestically within North America. I'm not as familiar with some of the international airlines. Does anyone have an airline recommendation that serves YYZ-SYD?? Any help is appreciated.
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RE: Yyz - Syd

Thu Nov 18, 1999 5:05 am

There is no airline that serves that route non-stop. I'm not sure of any aircraft except maybe the A340-500 that can fly that. Anybody know the range and the max range of the A345 and 777??? I would reccomend going through San Fransisco or LAX on Air Canada/United/Air New Zealand. But I prefer Star over one world. If you wanted one world, go through YVR-HNL-SYD. With Star the longest you have to wait at an airport is about 2 hours.
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RE: Yyz - Syd

Thu Nov 18, 1999 12:06 pm

Hi Chris. You've got a few choices up your sleeve - the two "direct" services are offered by Canadian and Canada 3000. CP will get you to HNL non stop where you will connect onto another "CP" flight to SYD, but this leg is operated by Qantas. C3000 fly you all over the place (YYZ-YVR-HNL-NAN-SYD - and that's the shorter of the two routings!) but will get you there at a normally cheaper rate. Failing that, you can use United, Air NZ and Qantas all non stop daily from LAX-SYD, UA will fly you non stop from SFO daily as well, or you can one of these two UA flights in Chicago which will involve a change in LAX or SFO on the way through.
That's a lot of miles to go begging in a Frequent Flyer scheme - your choice may come down to your scheme's partners so you can collect the miles.
Cheers. Al.
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RE: Yyz - Syd

Thu Nov 18, 1999 12:15 pm

No direct flights so youre gonna have to change:

1. YYZ to LAX (Canadian or Air Canada or United)
LAX to SYD (United or Qantas)

2. YYZ to YVR (Canadian)
YVR to HNL (canadian)
HNL to SYd (canadian Codeshare on Qantas)
Or all done on Canada3000

3. YYZ to SFO (United)
SFO SYD (United)

4. YYZ to LAX (Air Canada)
LAX to SYD Nonstop (Air NewZealand)

I hope this helps you.
Alternatively you can go via Asia... E.g YYZ to Some Asian port and then onto Sydney
Such as Singapore Airlines, JAL, ANA, MAS,... not too sure which fly into YYZ!