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Regional Flight Numbers (IE American Eagle)

Tue Feb 18, 2003 4:45 pm

Do flight numbers mean anything for airlines like

American Eagle or Comair or Skywest...

for instance

American Eagle #307 on any given day is

Point A Pitre- St. Maarten - San Juan
Kalamazoon- Chicago - La Crosse
Los Angeles- Bakersfield

hard to be organized when your airline is flying 3 flights with the same flight number in 8 different cities...
see my point?

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RE: Regional Flight Numbers (IE American Eagle)

Wed Feb 19, 2003 2:54 am

For ATC purposes the last 3 numbers of the flight are used in the call sign that ATC gives. when you see EGF307 and then the 3 different routes......its cuz each one is in a different geographical area and they use a different number at the beggining. for example. The Point A Pitre to St Maarten to San juan would begin with a 5....therefore the flight number would be 5307. on the Kalamazoo to OHare to La Crosse it would be 4 therefore 4307 and LAX to Bakersfield would be a 3 making it 3407. Hope this makes sense.....if you need anything cleared up...just ask.