Delta twins

Tue Dec 22, 1998 10:27 am

I live about 22mi. east of JFK on long island. Looking out of certain windows in my house I can see jets on their way to JFK including BA747s, Lufthansa 747s and swissair MD-11s and others like Virgin, United and Klm. I have also seen Delta twin engine planes but I am unable to tell what they are. I know they where either 767-300s or 777s but I do not know If delta has yet received its 777s or if they are on transat. routes.
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RE: Delta twins

Tue Dec 22, 1998 11:07 am

They don't have any 777s yet, but they are on order. They fly lots of 767 flights from JFK, both to domestic and international destinations. Their overseas destinations from JFK are Amsterdam, Athens, Brussles, Budapest, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, MAnchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Paris, Rome, Shannon, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Vienna, and Warsaw.

RE: Delta twins

Tue Dec 22, 1998 11:17 am

So far, only Continental and United airlines have the 777 (in the US). I belive that American is the next to recieve theres. Delta I think comes after that, and then finally Northwest. But this is only based on gossip, so I cannot be sure of anything. That was most likely a 767.

RE: Delta twins

Tue Dec 22, 1998 2:18 pm

There might be a chance to that it could be a 757 Delta has a few of those.
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RE: Delta twins

Wed Dec 23, 1998 5:46 am

Yeah they do have a few 757s - about 95 of them!
I've flown on 9V-SPK.
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RE: Delta twins

Wed Dec 23, 1998 9:38 am

I live a mile west of jfk, the planes you see are 767-300's, and 757's. Delta uses them on transatlantic and domestic flights: Jfk-lax, Jfk-Atl etc.
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Most Likely the 767 or 757

Thu Dec 24, 1998 4:31 am

The aircraft you saw are more likely to be the 767-300/200 or the 757-200's