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BAX White Knuckle Landing SJC 11/17 Am

Thu Nov 18, 1999 1:14 pm

San Jose: 11/17/ BAX(Burlington Air Express) DC-8-61 N868BX landed long at SJC this am and due to wet runway conditions on 30L, had to brake hard and over-shot the 'cargo' right turn...and had to use the runway extension to stop in time.(very rare event at SJC) My video replay showed the jet landing and 'jerking' to the right after the main gear touched down and this caused the front gear to slam down hard(or the pilot did it on purpose) and there seemed to be a delay in thrust diverter deployment on the Big Doug. As the jet raced out of runway distance, the thrust diverters finally deployed and I could barely make out some 'white knuckles'(sic) through the front windshield as the mighty DC-8 screamed past the normal right turn ramp and roared to an almost stop with probably 100ft left on the runway, before the pilot made a left turn onto the delay circle at the end of 30L.(whew...!!) The same plane, N868BX, also had 2- near tail strikes while landing the day before on runway 12R during the AM freighter rush in to the wind before our rain-storm yesterday(11-16-99). Replay of my video shows the first main gear touch was very heavy, lots of smoke, and the rear fuselage approximately 1ft from the ground. As the jet hopped up into the air and touched down again, the wind apparently caught some wing, and the jet rose up high in the nose area, dropping the tail down within 1ft again before the pilot smoothed it out, riding the back gear for about 1000ft before puffing the front they have a trainee in to SJC lately...?