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Emergency Landings And What Happens To Passengers

Thu Feb 20, 2003 2:48 pm

Welll, thread about stranded passengers inspired me to write this. What happens to passengers after emergency landing (in not destination airport)? Does airline later gives new tickets to the destination and does it gives you hotel, etc? What if airline doesn't has direct route from airport where the aircraft landed to destination? Would it buy tickets on other airlines?
And, finally, what happens if the emergency landing is done in third country, not the country of departure and not the destination country? What happens to these passengers who has no visa to that country? Are they allowed to go out or are they forced to leave in airport? For example, if some Tokyo-Shenyang flight does emergency in Pyongyang, where there are lack of flights out, what would happen to passengers? What would happen if plane would do an emergency in some wartorn state, like Sierra Leone, where there are hardly any flights from? WOuld airline send it's own plane to take the passengers?
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RE: Emergency Landings And What Happens To Passengers

Thu Feb 20, 2003 3:02 pm

My airline refers to these kinds of things as OSO's (off-schedule operations). It requires a lot of flexibility on the part of the crew (F/A's and cockpit crew alike) since many times the airline won't even have facilities at the airport where you land.

Luckily, I've never had it happen to me, so I can't say from first hand experience, but I'm sure that some arrangements are made.

I've had to land at airports where AA does have gates, agents, etc. and I'm sorry to say that we (the crew) usually don't know what happens to the PAX after we land because we turn everything over to the agents, and head for the hotel to have a "debrief". Hee hee.

But if an A/C goes out of service, and there isn't a replacement available until the next day, accomodations are provided for the PAX, if possible.
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