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Sheraton @ Newark Airport (Location)

Tue Feb 25, 2003 5:43 am

Does anyone know where the Sheraton EWR Airport hotel is located in relation to the airport (Tower, terminals, runways.) ?

I'm booked on that hotel in April and want to try to shoot som "hoops" from my room..

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RE: Sheraton @ Newark Airport (Location)

Tue Feb 25, 2003 6:26 am

If it is where I think it is (Frontage Rd?), I think you are going to be disappointed... keep in mind I'm doing this from memory, so someone here may be able to confirm / disprove this, but I think the Sheraton is north-west of the airport, on the far side of Rt's 1&9 and also Rt 78 (both very large, major highways in NJ).
You should still be able to shoot planes taking off and landing, but try to get a room facing southeast (that would be the general direction of the north end of the main runways).

Update: I just checked the Sheraton web site. It looks like I was correct. FYI: The runways aren't shown on the map on the page I've linked below, but the main runways run parallel to Hwy 95.
SI&requestedAffiliationCode=SI&promoCode=&promotionCode=&bn=sheraton&rcc=&rac=&linkbrand=&type=null&rpoi=&propertyID=796&rcdi=&hcount=0&fromSearch=22XX&availURL=%2Fsheraton%2Fsearch%2Fpre_decider_all.html" target=_blank>http://www.starwood.com/sheraton/search/hotel_detail.html?ratePlanName=&city=newark&stateProvince=NJ&country=US&postalCode=&streetAddress1=&hotelLocationType=&pOI=&arrivalDate=&departureDate=&lengthOfStay=&numberOfRooms=&numberOfAdults=&amenityType1=&amenityType2=&amenityType3=&nState1=&nState2=&nCity1=&nCity2=&requestedChainCode=SI&requestedAffiliationCode=SI&promoCode=&promotionCode=&bn=sheraton&rcc=&rac=&linkbrand=&type=null&rpoi=&propertyID=796&rcdi=&hcount=0&fromSearch=22XX&availURL=%2Fsheraton%2Fsearch%2Fpre_decider_all.html

One thing to keep in mind is there really isn't any hotel with a really good view of the airport operations. The only marginal exception is the Newark Airport Marriott, but even there the terminals are still between you and the tarmac.

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RE: Sheraton @ Newark Airport (Location)

Tue Feb 25, 2003 6:28 am

It is on the same road as the CO employee parking lot on frontage road, its about 5-10 mins from the airport, its a nice hotel but, can't do much plane spotting from there.

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RE: Sheraton @ Newark Airport (Location)

Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:07 am

If we are using the southbound arrivals track (22L usually), then we fly right over the Sheraton on the approach, at maybe 1000 feet or so. You won't be able to get any A.net quality photos or catch many regs, but you will see a lot of traffic overhead. If we are using the northbound arrivals and departures, then you will definitely be out of luck, as we are probably way too high at that point for any decent spotting, too far west, and more than likely making some turns AWAY from your location.

However, the Sheraton itself is a nice hotel, with a large atrium enclosing the lobby through about the 5th story of the place, with a pool inside the atrium and rooms with balconies overlooking the pool or restaurant. I've been to a few retirement dinners there in the past, and it's really pretty close to the airport. Last I knew, there were regular free shuttles to EWR for passengers.
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RE: Sheraton @ Newark Airport (Location)

Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:11 am

They have the Newark Airliners collectible show there every year, it's a nice hotel. But if you want to see some action the Marriott is right in the center of the Terminal Area. The Ramada off Rt1&9, and the NEW Court Yard and Residence Inn by the Ikea offer good views also from the South.
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