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FLL Gets Flooded With Widebodies

Thu Feb 27, 2003 2:46 pm

Was on the shuttle to work at about 830AM and noticed a TAM Brazil A330 parked at one of our gates and a Lloyd Bolivia A310 at our other gate... then I looked around the ramp and saw a Lan Chile 767-300 on the Jet Center ramp, and 2 United 767-300s parked at the F gates near the UA 757 at F6.. then saw a United 767-300 on departure from 9L and a United 777 on the E concourse at the end....

Apparently, Miami was shut down this morning and most of the flights circled or diverted... we had a large # of flights into FLL to dump their passengers and bags, then ferried to MIA when it did re-open....

but why didn't AA land @ FLL??

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