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Airbus Vs. Boeing And Politics

Sat Nov 20, 1999 4:39 am

This one will be sure to ruffle some feathers. As you all should know, Airbus and Boeing are the only MAJOR airliner mfrs. left, now that Fokker and McDonnell Douglas have gone under. I also have been following the orders and deliveries of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. I have been really surprised at how well Airbus has been doing. It is not beyond possibility that Airbus may unseat Boeing as the aircraft leader. Now, my question is this: Since the vast majority of Airbus orders come from outside the USA (granted, United, Northwest, and USAirways are big Airbus customers), does anyone besides myself feel that the real reason for Airbus' success is not so much because of the quality of their aircraft, but that many Int'l airlines are buying Airbus just out of spite to the US and Boeing? Are they simply trying to hurt the US by ordering Airbus? Is there a political side behind that? What are your thoughts?
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RE: Airbus Vs. Boeing And Politics

Sat Nov 20, 1999 4:56 am

I think there are political pressures both in Boeing and Airbus dealings but I don't belive in that idea of buying Airbus to hurt the US.
It's very naif to think that way.
I have said this before and here it goes again: Do you think the politicians at Brussels, during their meetings and reunions, talk like this:
"Hey, our goal for the next year is to make Boeing lose 50 millions!"
Come on, I'm sure you don't belive in this also.

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RE: Airbus Vs. Boeing And Politics

Sat Nov 20, 1999 8:37 am

There is political pressure from both sides when an order is made. I feel that more political pressure is put on by Europe but those are just my feelings. China Airlines recent order of A340s was due to the United States stance on being easy against main land China. Let us also look at the fleets of Lufthansa, Iberia and Air France. Hmmm alot of Airbuses there. We can also see that as Air France is given more control of itself and has less government intervention there has been a move towards the 777-200IGW and away from the A340-300/500/600.
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RE: Airbus Vs. Boeing And Politics

Sat Nov 20, 1999 6:31 pm

Airline companies don't think politics, or at least, it's not the first thing they have in mind. All these years British Airways operates an almost entire Boeing fleet although UK participates as a partner in Airbus Industrie. The recent order of Airbuses for BA is more likely to be a bussiness agreement than a politically taken decision. A few weeks ago an american senator was complaining to the US airlines for not prefering the Boeing products. I 've never heard of something similar in Europe. Of course there must be some political pressure but I don't think that politicians are familiar with such terms as operating costs, cost per mile per passenger, deal options etc. You can find many examples where a european airline decided Boeing, you can find many examples of the opposite too. It's a market matter.
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RE: Airbus Vs. Boeing And Politics

Sat Nov 20, 1999 8:56 pm

My thought is that you talk nonsense. CX747 as well, it is no politic decision whatsoever on CALs Airbus order.

Thanks for removing this post.


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