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Government Of India 2003 Budget And Airports

Fri Feb 28, 2003 3:53 pm

I was reading the news about the government of India's 2003 budget and going though the highlights of it says the government will modernize the airports in Delhi and Mumbai and make the airports in Bangalore and Hyderabd private. They say they will make the BOM and DEL airport to world's standard. The government has always wanted to make DEL like SIN.

Anybody else know what the government has planned to make the airports in DEL and BOM modern.

Personally I think the first thing the government should do is make trains at the BOM and DEL airport connecting the domestic and international terminals. Taking a bus could be tough and can't really depend on them.

Also how come the airports at HYD and BLR are going to private? Is it because they are getting new airports?

Does the budget have to do with Air India and Indian Airlines and the multi-billion dollar orders they are working on with Airbus and Boeing.

more information.

www.in.yahoo.com (yahoo India)
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RE: Government Of India 2003 Budget And Airports

Fri Feb 28, 2003 10:02 pm

Considering this is the Govt of India we are talking about, we all know where this headed!

One of the files still pending with the Ministry of Finance has to do with a Request for additional Puss Moths (!!!) for Flying Clubs dating back to the late '40's!

Lets not expect too much from all this!