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Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 3:51 am

This may be asked a lot, but I was wondering if I could get deep, lengthy answers about why we all like planes. I don't want to hear "flying is cool" or stuff like that. Get specific with me here.

The big thing for me is the variables of aviation. The things thatjsut don't happen all the time, whether it's a sick crosswind landing, a 727 at LGA, a special paint scheme, a plane coming in wobbly or off center on approach, a departing plane lifting off RIGHT before the end of the runway, go-arounds, a Dash-8 fighting the wind, or when the weather is perfect and the sun gives an amazing glare off of my favorite airplne why it's at the best angle.

Anbother thing I like personally is the weird depth perception factor. My mind has yet to fully comprehend the size of the jets in a visual sense. One minute a 757-200 looks montrous to be while it is landing, but look tiny while it's sitting at the gate, looking like a midsize Boeing oir Airbus (737 or A320). That's just fascinating to me.

And one more thing. A 300,000 pound piece of metal flying 30 feet over my head at 160 miles per hour........fucking cool.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 3:55 am

Beats me! I've always had a facisination with them.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 4:06 am

Well, for as long I can remember I was looking forward to sit in a Cockpit one day. Flying has not much tradition in my family, only my cousin is the owner of a PPL-license. He always helped me with flying on Flight Simulator and he'd often took me out to the airport. We were standing there and watching planes the whole day. My parents also told me, I was around six years old, while my brothers were playing LEGO or watching TV I was sitting in front of our PC and tried to land a Cessna at Chicago Meigs Field all the time - I think I've never landed her for years... Smile/happy/getting dizzy But one day, another FlightSim session and - boooooom - she was down, without that little ''Crash''-sign at the desktop  Wink/being sarcastic not a perfect landing, but it was one... From this day on I was flying everything from Gliders to B 747-400. I was sitting at home and was dreaming of sitting at the left seat of a plane, in such a cool pilot uniform, high up over the clouds, the sun is shining bright and I , I am flying the plane! It was (and still is of course) my biggest wish to become a pilot - Every year, my parents asked around in our family where to travel for the holidays, I always wanted to fly. So, but, as we all know, you can become a pilot if you are grown up.
I don't know what to da all this long years and so I started spotting planes. My first photos were sooo bad. But now, they're okay. I'm still the only teenager between a couple of grown up spotters out next to the Airport fence, with a ladder and a camera.

So, I think I will become a pilot in the future, and until that, I'm still spotting Big grin.

Thanks 4 reading.

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 5:35 am

I'm not sure of all the reasons but one of the biggest is they amaze me. It blows me away that something that huge and heavy can fly...but the other reasons I'm not even sure about!

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 5:53 am

I would also say that the best thing is the fact that whenever you go to the airport you can hope to see something odd, new or unusual even if it's just a re-registered plane or an A-320 instead of an A-319.


PS. Much better topic for an essay than my today's writing in school: 'The Cross and the sword: two symbols of the medieval ages'  Nuts
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 5:58 am

Trains = 2 directions of movements on a single axis...
Cars/ships/bikes = 4 directions of movement on 2 axis...
Planes = 6 directions of movement on 3 axis...

Why else  Big grin Defies Gravity, and makes the world smaller... that's why I love Planes !

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 6:16 am

Phil I know you have this as an essay question however for me I have a photo that I thought of right away that describes why.

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Photo © Joe Pries

This HUGE piece of metal comes roaring over your head loaded with people and fuel in controlled flight(most of the time) and you (we) stand there whether it hot,cold, snow, rain,wind,like dopes with our eyes popping out of our heads, or jumping around yelling like a fool when you see a plane you haven't seen before, or maybe one that you see all the time but get excited every time you see it! Nuts  Wow!
This is why I like planes!!

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 6:26 am

I don't have the knack to write out a detailed post but, have one look at this picture and see for yourself why.

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Photo © Josef P. Willems

No comment.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 7:07 am

Probably a good topic to enter my first post on this wonderful forum.
I've long been fascinated by airplanes. As a kid, I loved going to the airport
(SFO in the late 50's) with my parents to pick up visitors from out of town,
or with my mom to drop my dad off as he flew from SFO-idelwild on TWA
Constellations, and loved hearing the stories about the flight..twelve hours
to New York! And then, the first time he flew on a jet..707 and the stories
about that..and then a 727!

In my late teens a friend and I would drive up to SFO and park in an area
just watching them come and go..when the 747's arrived we'd drive on
an access road and park and just look at the thing in total amazement.

My first airplane flight was on an Air West DC9 from SFO-FAT..and I was
hooked. Flew back on a United 727-100 in the early evening, marveling
at the sight of clouds below me.

Later, my then wife and I moved our family to Colorado Springs, and as
luck would have it, our home was right near the airport and I'd stop working
in the yard to watch them come and go. My young son would ask "Dad..why
do you always watch airplanes?"

It was at this time that I started
a lot of business travel..usually between COS-DEN (Stapleton)-ABQ-PHX..with
occasional trips to Boston Toronto and the west coast. But the southwest
US trips were nearly monthly..flew on 727's 737's, Twin Otters from COS-DEN,
Frontier Convair 580's, DASH 7's. There were times I literally couldn't sleep
for the excitement of flying somewhere. My first widebody flight was a DC10
from ORD-YYZ.

I always had to sit by a window, because I just had to see outside and watch
what was going on..when UA started putting air-ground radio traffic
on their entertainment system, I thought I was in heaven..

Now, I live in New Hampshire..during a post divorce period, I'd often park
at MHT watching them come and go, and take my youngest son with me..and
now I live with my new wife right near the base for 35. Armed with my scanner
I can sit on my deck and listen and watch. My stepdaughter, now 14 used
to ask me "Jim, why are you always watching airplanes", like my son did.
Now she asks "can we go to the airport and watch planes this weekend, or
"what kind of plane is that?"

I guess I'm on this forum because I love airplanes and flying.

What a long strange trip it's been
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 9:25 am

My fascination with planes is something that no one, including myself, knows where it comes from...nobody in my family is in the industry or anything, and the only thing that I can think of is that the house in which Ive lived in the majority of my life is under the approach path for a military airfield, so nearly everyday military aircraft pass overhead...I also have clear memories of taking a UA 762 flight in 1993 PHL-SFO, listening to Channel 9, and remembering that the apple pancakes served in Coach were pretty gross...around that same time I also have memories of going to the local airbase's spotting area with a friend and his father and just watching C-130's come in and practice landings...since then my interest converted from military aircraft to commercial aircraft after my eyesight took a nose dive and I ruled out being a military pilot as a career, but I still love it all just the same...

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 10:07 am


flying is cool!  Laugh out loud

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 1:39 pm

Two reasons:

1) The butthead that got my mother pregnant in 1957 liked airplanes (my biological "father") and somehow that passed on to me.
2) When I was but a wee sprite, I used to lie on my back on warm summer afternoons and listen to the drone of the DC-3, DC-6/7 and Connies enroute to PIT from points east. Most times I could see them, sometimes not. By the time I was 5 or 6 jets were common and I could watch the contrails pass overhead. I always marveled at the thought that the 707 or DC-8 passing overhead may very well have been in London or Honolulu or Rome the previous day. I still sometimes think of this.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Tue Mar 04, 2003 1:55 pm

(great something to explain what I like other than anime Big grin). Anywho I like planes because for me it represents freedom as through a plane plowing the spacious (well through the human eye I guess) skies above, the beauty of hearing it have its engines on full throttle, the slender beauty of winglets, the smell of jet fuel (er yeah...) and its overall design just pulls me in.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 12:10 am

It all started when I was a wee young lad in 1997. We were to fly to Baltimore on MetroJet. I always had a passion for speed, and I remember seeing this really tiny plane and laughing, I later realized that it was a USAirwaysExpress BE1 operated by CommutAir (now they are CO Connection.) We boarded MetroJet, and taxxied 20 minutes, and then I remember asking my mom, do we drive the whole way over to Baltimore, then suddently we turn onto a runway, stop and then all this noise starts pumping out, I get stuck to my seat, I look out as we go faster, and faster, and faster and faster, and then I feel my getting sucked into the air (clunck) the gear go up, we turn and in about 10 minutes we are at 33,000 feet. I had Iced Tea and Nuts, and I felt like I was on top of the world (I was, literally!) (N254US, a mispainted bird that was supposed to be N254AU was the bird) and then I remember seing all the pools under me, and then I remember landing smoothly, smoothly at BWI, saying good-bye, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed with that big airport. (Compared with Burlington, my home airport) and then we flew back, same excitement. Since then I ahve been on many flights, with many airlines, and I get that same feeling of excitement every takeoff, every landing.
-Transaero Boeing 737-200
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 12:17 am

I guess it sorta boils down to the classic sentence:

A mile road will take you nowhere, a mile of runway will take you anywhere!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 1:18 am

Because planes are "The Things" that flew on top of my backyard (My house in Jakarta is right under the approach path of the old Jakarta Kemayoran Airport). The fascination of a 2-3 yrs old boy on something that is "floating" in the air, unlike cars or trains.

I vaguely remember my father taught me how to recognize different airplanes, like Dounglas DC-9s, Fokker F28s, Fokker F27s, Vickers Viscounts, Lockheed Electras and of course the venerable Douglas DC-3s (and later on, the Airbus A300s appeared in Jakarta's sky in 1982). I used to be scared when DC-3s flew on top of my backyard, maube because they sound different.

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 2:28 am

Why do I like aviation?
I have flown as a passenger since the days of my infancy. I have family sturng around the country, and frequently have to fly if we want to see eachother. I never get tired of roaring down that runway, and that feel in your stomach as your as lifting off of that runway, and the grind of the gear, followed by a small reduction in power (in most cases). Just thrills me everytime. I think it is also my appreciation that I gained at a very young age of these wonderful birds. Of within a span of 100 years (give or take a little) aviation has made so many advances. The man hours that have been involved in the design and advancement of manned flight have been astronomical. Nobody believed 80 years ago that you could fly from New York to Los Angeles in 6 hours. 80 years is one very small length of time, considering that history is really infinite as far as we know. I mean you can hypothesize all you want about how long the Universe has been around, or where it even came from, but there is no one true answer.

I just love aviation plane (heheeh) and simple. The roar of those engines (the louder the better IMO), smell of jet fuel, the smiles of flight attendants, those flaps coming down, and those leading edges sliding down just makes me feel at peace. I truly am not fully happy unless I'm flying, or doing something aviation-related. This is why I have made my choice to move into an aviation-related career a few short years down the road from now. I have a strong foundation to build upon. I have what it takes, now it needs to be cultivated. Not only has aviation come far along in the past 80 years, but there was an explosion of innovation in the 1950's, when jet-power was in it's infancy. Since then we have moved from loud and environmentally unfriendly Comets, 707's (367-80), DC-8's, and the CV 880/990, to FBW techonology, and high-bypass ratio engines. Aviation will remain the fire in my heart the rest of my life, and I hope that one day I can get my children interested in it as well. It is something that is mind blowing, and I only wish that more people would stop taking things for granted, and learn to appreciate things a little more (especially those people form the tabloids that like to call spotters eccentric).

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 7:01 am

I have to say i dont think there is any way to explain how someone can love planes so much. Everyday at school i get asked why do i like planes and instead of responding the first thing i do is think of a 747 or the future of the A380. If u ever pass by an airport in a car u will alwayz notice ur not the only one looking at the planes. Everyone that is in the car is looking, even the driver is tryin to get a peek. Monday for example i was amazed when i was on the NJ turnpike and seen vortices coming off the flaps of a Continental 757-200, it was amazing. Till this day i remember my first airplane ride where i was old enough to know what was going on, i was so scared, half the time i kept thinking the plane can crash what am i gonna do. But ever since i got on a Grumman American Trainer i haven't been scared. When your able to look out the front window ur fears dissapear immediately. That was the first time i got into planes, since then everytime i see a plane i look up. Even if its the same US Airways A321 i'm guaranteed to see daily approaching PHL. So the fact is the amazement of flight to a person's eyes is truly unexplainable. But no matter who you are and what ur career is, when u hear the sound of a plane even if its a Cessna 172 your guaranteed to look up, whether its a glimpse or a stare off into the horizon.

P.S. US Airways is the best Big grin lol
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 8:09 am

It started when I was about barely 5 years old, I rode first flight on WAL 737-247 between FSD-PIR. It led me into deeply interested into jetliners things. I am more interested at airlines' status and fleets than flights or business. What I mean, I am more interested at current status (still operation or gone bankruptcy, merged, etc) and what fleet airlines have, ordered, option, etc. I wasnt interested into what flights they are flying, safety or thier business language (profit, loss, revune, or all bs things).

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 8:20 am

...runs in the family.

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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 1:33 pm

And USAir330, if anyone ever asks you why you like airplanes point out that the most visited museum in the world is the NASM on the mall. This will increase when the museum moves to IAD I suspect.

Everbody, I believe, loves aviation even when they don't admit it. My current girlfriend had never paid attention to airplanes until I took her to the Pima Air Museum and gave her the semi-expert tour. Now when she sees an airplane she asks what it is, where it's going and how old it is. Her favorite is the Boeing YC-14 because it's "so cute." I'm afraid that I'm having a hard time turning her to the B-17. I figure 10 or 15 more visits talking with the pilots will do the trick though.
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RE: Why Do You Like Planes? (Essay Question)

Wed Mar 05, 2003 1:55 pm

Well it started with me and my dad. He used to have the model airplanes that are gas powered and the warbird plastic models. He actually gave me some but that was later on in my life. When UA had their DC-10's I used to ride them a lot from ORD-LAS-ORD. When I was about 4 I got to see the cockpit of the plane after we came in at LAS.

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Photo © Tony Decker

After a while I was getting used to going and would get excited as well. I also got to ride on different other airlines as well when I was little. When I was in my teens I was interested in planes, trains and autos(I still do but I like planes better!). After a while I had gotten interested in photographing them and spotting. I got me a cheap camera and would go out to shoot planes. When I started going to High school I was wondering about what kind of career I would take up, my first choice was architecture but after my Sophomore year I decided to go into Aviation cause I like planes and someday I wanted to work on them. When I got my EOS RebelX camera, I gotten hooked with this website and made lots of friends here and some from colleges and universities.

About a year ago I decided to take a airplane ride with the Young Eagles and talk to them about future plans and flying. My flight around Meigs was nice and that's when I decided to take flying lessons at Palwaukee Wings. A while after that I decided to buy some aircraft models and start getting aviation magazines in September of 2001. After the terrorist attacks I decided to still go into it and I still went spotting as well. When I first went to a college visit to where I was interested in I was amazed by the airplanes they had and the engines they were working on. Lots of kids were there and they were amazed by the stuff they had to work on. Now I am a senior ready to graduate and thinking about going to either Western Michigan or Lewis University. Well I hope my decision will be a great one! After all the travel, magazines, flying lessons, and other things I like aviation and hope to work for this field someday.
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