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OGG Airport Closed Due To A.....stuck Re-fueler!?!

Tue Mar 04, 2003 3:27 pm

Kahului(OGG) Airport's main runway(Runway 2) was closed for a few hours today causing chaos as inbound mainland flights were forced to divert to Kona(KOA) and Honolulu(HNL) International Airports. Apparently, a fully loaded 10,000 gallon Rampmaster refueler truck rolled off the apron across the East Ramp and into the grassy gulch abeam Runway 2. The refueler truck, belonging to Century Aviation, was left momentarily unattended by the driver on the East ramp Apron. The driver forgot to set the brakes and neglected to chock the wheels, which allowed the truck to roll down the Ramp. The truck's cab was right on the edge of the runway, forcing airport officials to close the main runway. The shorter Runway 5, was left open to allow arrivals and departures of Hawaiian's 717's and Aloha's 737's. The refueler truck suffered major damage to the cab, chassis and rear bumper areas. It was fortunate that the truck's chassis didn't buckle as it's rear tires were suspended over the slight gulch. A testament to the awesome trucks made by Rampmaster International. It was interesting to see the wave of commercial airliners fly in one after another as soon as the airport was opened at 1500hrs. Some of the aircraft inbound: two Hawaiian 767s, Two UAL 767s and a 777, one AA 757 & 767, one ATA 757. Talk about a lack of parking!

Well, it was a small bit of drama on an otherwise routine day.

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RE: OGG Airport Closed Due To A.....stuck Re-fueler!?!

Tue Mar 04, 2003 5:57 pm

Way to go Century!  Big grin

Actually, only one of HA's 767's had to divert to HNL. The flight from Seattle went to HNL, and was able to turn and make it into OGG with only a 45 minute delay in Honolulu. The inbound flight from Portland was able to land in OGG shortly after the truck was removed.

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