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Buying Elite Status

Wed Mar 05, 2003 3:55 am

I just got this in the mail today. Continental is offering me for the sum of $300 to upgrade my 2003 elite status to Silver. Not a bad offer considering I only flew about 15,000 miles in 8 segments last year. Now if I actually intended to some traveling and had money to burn on this, is buying an elite status upgrade worth it. I'd imagine with the number of elites above me on most flights getting upgrades to first class is more or less out of the question. And the discount on the President's Club membership is of little value, seeing that I am not planning on much travel.

So is this a first for airlines to sell elite status, are airlines that desperate for cash?

Would you fork out the money for it?
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RE: Buying Elite Status

Wed Mar 05, 2003 4:17 am

CAL did it last year, too. $250. They must have got a positive response if they think they can raise the price. Possibly worth the trouble just to avoid the lines if you regularly fly out of one of their hubs. Also the Elite bags *do* get delivered to the carousel first, in my experience.