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MAS003 Security Issues @ LHR

Thu Mar 06, 2003 9:11 pm

Read the caption of this photo:

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Photo © Matthew Willmott-Sharp

9M-MPJ This is MH003 returning to LHR about 90 minutes after it's departure following a security issue onboard. It left LHR once again about three hours later.

What actually happened? I did not hear anything about it and there was no press release from MAS or others that I have come across.

Maybe someone can elaborate on this incident?

Oh and I'm sure some fuel has been dumped prior to landing right? Or it would be damaging to the landing gears and aircraft to land at nearly MGTOW.

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RE: MAS003 Security Issues @ LHR

Fri Mar 07, 2003 3:56 am

I looked at the same picture and read the caption and wondered the same thing. I didn't hear anything, read anything or see anything regarding a security issue.
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