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Can Anyone Help Me Jog My Memory?

Sat Mar 08, 2003 3:55 pm

There are two things I'm trying to remember:

1. When I was 8, my Mom and grandmother took me to Disney in Orlando. We left from MHT with the main carrier being Delta. Besides the carrier all I remember was that the first plane was a prop (possibly operated by BEX? As I think they were a Delta commuter?), and the last plane was a widebody with a seating arrangement of 2-3-2. It was either 1988/89 (I don't remember the time of year), can anyone tell me A: (If you have a time table from then around) what the possible routing was (I think we had a 2nd segment in the middle)? The last Segment on the widebody (from which a movie was shown, so it was pretty long flight). I think we may have gone the long way, as I also remember that we left early in the morning, and didn't get into MCO until sunset (plus the movie fact stated earlier - I know it doesn't take a WHOLE day to go from MHT to MCO). B: Can any one guess what the last aircraft was? I'm thinking it may have been a 767-200 going by the seating arrangement.

2. My other question is in regards to a USAir hub, I remember going through a few times. I think it may have been the old PIT terminal. What I remember about it was that the gate area had a unique feature that there were two gates with jetbridges that you accessed by walking up a ramp that doubled back half way. In between was a gate for express flights that was ramp that went down to a door. From that gate area described above I also remember that if you left this area you entered a corridor was angled to the left, and there were gates on at least the right side of this corridor (maybe on the left too, but I don't recall).

Any help in figuring these two thing out would be most appreciated, and I thank anyone who responds in advance.
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